A Special Woman

A Special Woman My name is Bevan Oschger in 2015 on the 12 August I was involved in a hit and run where I suffered great injuries to my body including my brain (TBI) I was then left to die on the side of the road. A very special woman came to my rescue and […]

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Falling down a rabbit hole coming out on the other side in a new unknown adventurous world wow! Sounds like a great outcome for falling down a rabbit hole. For me though the rabbit hole was that idiot knocking me down forcing me into a coma and the unknown world was the […]

A Way Out

A Way Out We all have our exit plan- an emergency escape route some way of just being able to get away for a while whether it is from a difficult day at the office, a long week or an extremely testing year we can devise a plan in a few minutes of thought. Done […]

Who am I?

Who Am I? Do we actually know who we are? I have small moments of realisation just moments which are just fine for me as I am alive and strong. I do know this in which ever realisation moment I am in whether it is the one or the other there are two of me […]


Drakensig   Sitting in the dock of the bay wasting time wasting time, my version of this song by using the same lyrics; sitting on the stoep at the farm watching game watching game. What a great tune just chilling taking in life doing whatever you need and want to at any time in any […]

Celebrate Life

Celebrate life Every now and again we get the chance to relax- to really relax we can let our hair down and leave the hustle and bustle behind. December is a great time of the year for many reasons but for me it is a real opportunity to just watch my beautiful wife relax and […]

Soon Dad Soon

Soon Dad Soon Seven o’clock in sunny South Africa. Soon Ange and I will wake up in the bush amongst the big five at the farm. We do not wait for the sun to rise and then wake up we get up before and enjoy the cool thirty odd degrees for once it opens its […]