Bad Taste in my Mouth

Bad Taste in my Mouth Today Ange’s mom asked us if we would like something nice and sweet to have from our local bakery as she was passing by. My mind leaves earth for a moment and gets pulled into the amazing world of drool and taste bud explosion that is exactly what I needed […]

Countdown to New York

  Countdown to New York Today the 11th October eighteen days before Lauren, Ange and I shall be sitting with great excitement in the lounge at Oliver Tambo airport, Johannesburg. Amongst us the president Dennis, Chairman Braam, Freddy the other Gauteng athlete of Achilles South Africa and his caregiver Freddy’s brother waiting for the arrival […]

Time and the River

Time and the River A river is born high on a mountain above the clouds pushed up through the earth it races downhill through the misty slopes it gathers strength and flows viciously into the ocean. Gravity allows this mighty beast to flow with power and strength it gets to the ocean its ultimate destination […]

A Hard Day at the Office

A Hard Day at the Office TBI hits us survivors in many different forms and at the most inappropriate times often I do not know I have been struck by this difficult injury until too late. Today though was different as I started getting ready early this morning long before the sun had risen in […]