What Tara Hospital Huh

What! Tara Hospital-Huh So we arrive at the entrance my first glimpse of this eerie place is a large sign above the entrance below the steel structure stands five or six well equipped security guards.. Wow was my first thoughts. We have arrived here for me to get some occupational therapy not to get booked […]

Time and the River

Time and the River As time ticks on so does the river flow neither you nor I has the power to prevent these two from taking place. Yes we can stop the river at some point well we think we can but in truth there is no way to prevent the flow for this is […]

Giving Headway a Voice

Giving Headway a Voice Anton, my good friend at Headway organised an interview for three Headway attendees to speak live on Mix FM it will be an hour’s talk on David Watt’s show. Anton selects Brian and me to join him-the three of us won the longest day at the Headway golf day fundraiser the […]

What Are the Chances

What Are the Chances Hit and run-2015 on the 12th of August I was involved in a hit and run it was early in the evening the sun was setting. I was left in the road unconscious and dying when another vehicle would run over my body this vehicle stopped and called a local farmer […]

Beautiful Ange

Beautiful Ange Wow what a special lady; kind, giving, loving, strong and… so awkwardly funny! I truly love this woman I love every last bit about her I can write a book about this amazing woman about all the wonderful aspects Ange carries deep within her but I am also going to write about the […]

Dance Love Sing Live

Dance, Love, Sing, Live Dance like nobody is watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody is listening. Live like it’s heaven on earth. Lying in the lounge at two in the morning thinking about when I should write a new post and wondering what it could be about. Suddenly in a flash […]

My Broken Brain the Book

My Broken Brain the Book Well two odd years ago I started writing my book after my speech therapist suggested that perhaps I could. A month later I hand her my book in my mind it is complete. My speech therapist tells me there is no way a book can be written in a month. […]