Adventures of Life

Adventures of Life Life is an adventure or it is nothing! During my time of recovery I have collected some thoughts which I have stored deep in my broken brain. These thoughts will remain as I refuse to let them be taken from me, taken to that dark place-the abyss. Today I have once again […]

Lost and Found

Dear mom Here is an update on my progress throughout the year as explained by my therapists at rehab this week. This is just a note for you to keep you informed of my mind-set or where I am. I seem to have very little ability to actually think, i.e. I do not consciously know […]

Time for a Braai

Time for a Braai Saturday afternoon it’s an awesome day I have been for a walk and now I feel like just parking off and enjoying a braai oh and a braai must be shared with a Zamalek or two. For those that do not know what a braai or a Zamalek is it is […]

Dissapointed Yes Sad Definitely

Disappointed Yes…Sad Defiantly Today started as an ordinary Wednesday would, up early and off to Headway Ange will drop me there and head off to her office. Today is no ordinary Wednesday though I did not go inside alone as Ange and I had a meeting with Christine. ‘It’s just a catch up meeting babes […]

New Marathon 2019

  New York Marathon 2019 I start writing this post and I date the above as 2015 I have no idea at the time it is actually 2019. Something starts to bother me though I just cannot work it out. After making a cup of coffee, some breakfast, feeding the cats and standing in my […]

So Excited

So Excited Today is the Headway annual golf day I will be part of Anton’s team or Karen’s team Anton’s better half, Karen sponsors the day for us. As usual I am sitting alone in the lounge it’s just after one in the morning… again I feel like a twelve year old off on his […]

Once Again… Grrr

Once again…Grrr So once again for the umpteenth time Ange has another weekend of stress and difficulties. This from as I call it the invisible injury-TBI. Ange has had a difficult week in the office her weekend should be calming and enjoyable. I have tried to be kind, quiet and without issues but…yes I still […]