Keegan Keegan

Keegan Keegan Twenty one today March 17th 2018. Life has certainly gone fast for my son to turn twenty one. Where did it go? Well it has been a great twenty one years for Keegs. I do not have too many memories of his twenty one years for my broken brain stole them. I am sure […]

Life’s Highs Never End

Life’s High’s Never End How am I going to get a better high than that of completing the New York Marathon I think? I completed the marathon as a disabled runner never before running further than five kilometres. Two thousand professional runners could not complete the marathon but I did. I have been thinking of […]

The Year of The Dragon

The Year of the Dragon! I have no idea what this means I just know that in their culture each year is given a new name. I love the name of that year it sounds powerful. I think this is great although it will only be there once. Next year there is a new name […]

Sometimes Bad Things Happen

Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People, Sometimes it is Needed As we go through life we do what we have to do to keep the wheels turning not knowing that we are actually on the wrong path. A teenager leaves school goes to university studies for five years to follow a career which they […]

Headway Golf Day

Headway Gauteng Golf Day All who took part in the Headway golf day sit eating a great dinner there is a buzz of excitement which floats through the air. There are smiles on each face some are happy for handing in their top score they now receive great prizes. Some have just out bid another […]