I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream “I have a dream”-a great man once said this as he stepped up and stood behind a podium. He then spoke to all the depressed folk of the old America and stood tall against the wishes of the white supremacy. I have no idea of his name right now but perhaps […]

My Amazing Life

My Amazing Life I have a TBI, my brain was smashed up knocked around, blood filled all the liquid which surrounds the delicate membrane oxygen was then prevented to entwine and bring life to this most important organ. I counted eleven other damaged parts in my body which suffered that traumatic blow. Both ankles, both […]


Depression Depression is an extremely difficult word to say. Try telling people you have depression or you are depressed. Twenty years ago everyone will start a bad rumour he is crazy stay away. I say twenty years ago but in reality today is very similar. Not many people know the truth about depression. TBI itself […]

Dinner with Friends

Dinner with Friends Dennis got me an entry into the world’s most exhilarating marathons-the New York Marathon. Dennis and I have become good friends so last night I was invited to dine with Dennis-wow! I was excited a dinner party. I can’t remember if I have ever been to a dinner party before I am […]

I Can’t Fool Me

I Can’t Fool Me How many times do we all say; oh I am making huge changes to my life- no more drinking, no more smoking I’m going to keep in shape, I have to change…bla, bla Fucking bla ,bla. As you sit on the fence waiting to decide to yourself about the twentieth consecutive […]

My Awesome Rock Star

Awesome Ange This amazing woman keeps on surprising me I call Ange my rock star because she is just that, actually Ange is a super star but rock star suits her better. Ange is constantly going out of her way to make me as comfortable as best she can. I know everyone will say yes […]

Just a Thought

Just a Thought The time is now is 5H20 as usual I have been up a while two odd hours in fact. This is just fine as I am sleeping through the night now… well almost as I was up several times tossing and turning. I do know I had many hours sleep as I […]

Real Really?

Real-Really What is real is it something we all agree on if we can see it is it then only real? How many times do we hear a young child saying ‘but mom I saw it, it is real.’ Our answer would mostly be in some form dismissive such as yes my angel it is […]

A Bit Sad But So Happy

A Bit Sad But So Happy My New York Marathon number which I received from the runners association is; 180929 an interesting number indeed. 18 being my dad’s birthday-09 being the month my dad and I were born and 29 being the day my mom passed on. I should have remembered this but due to […]