Dissapointed Yes Sad Definitely

Disappointed Yes…Sad Defiantly Today started as an ordinary Wednesday would, up early and off to Headway Ange will drop me there and head off to her office. Today is no ordinary Wednesday though I did not go inside alone as Ange and I had a meeting with Christine. ‘It’s just a catch up meeting babes […]

New Marathon 2019

  New York Marathon 2019 I start writing this post and I date the above as 2015 I have no idea at the time it is actually 2019. Something starts to bother me though I just cannot work it out. After making a cup of coffee, some breakfast, feeding the cats and standing in my […]

So Excited

So Excited Today is the Headway annual golf day I will be part of Anton’s team or Karen’s team Anton’s better half, Karen sponsors the day for us. As usual I am sitting alone in the lounge it’s just after one in the morning… again I feel like a twelve year old off on his […]

Once Again… Grrr

Once again…Grrr So once again for the umpteenth time Ange has another weekend of stress and difficulties. This from as I call it the invisible injury-TBI. Ange has had a difficult week in the office her weekend should be calming and enjoyable. I have tried to be kind, quiet and without issues but…yes I still […]

New York Marathon 2019

New York Marathon 2019 It’s one in the morning I am sitting quietly at my work bench busy on my new project, a special project for a friend a beaded tree-the tree of life. Suddenly the silence breaks with a call from my love Ange who should be asleep. ‘Please come here quick’ I rush […]

Always There Just Invisible

Always There Just Invisible I often talk of my injury as the ‘invisible injury’. The injury no one can see after some time spent with that particular injured person soon cracks will appear the cracks that run deep and long show their now visible scar that great gruesome scar. Once that scar appears  to others […]


Wow! If you asked me about my life before my accident I would talk for hours about all my great memories. I know I had amazing moments they are all there lots and lots…well they are there but those memories of my life before my accident are not securely stored in my brain. They now […]


Alive And so as the brightness fades the darkness now sets in to take over the warm flame. That warm glow fades into the darkness it has now completed the cycle and reunites with the rest of the embers to once again become one. The flame disappears and so it starts a new journey the […]

Our Beautiful Felix

Goodbye Felix The last three years Ange and me have had to get through the passing of many close to us. My dear mom left us after many weeks in ICU she tried her best to get better but lost her fight. The same year a good family friend Derek suddenly left. Last year Anges […]

In My Life

In My Life Years ago I was a different man never really knowing where to go or how to get there. Before that day of my accident I had lost my love for the construction industry I was irritated and often did not think about important decisions I made. Important decisions which would affect others […]