Leaving for New York City

Leaving for New York This afternoon we shall head to the airport my good friend Nkosi will get us there safely. We will be there for a special event the New York Marathon wow! What a privilege for many reasons Ange can visit her cousin, see her friends but most of all she can see […]

Soon Now Soon

Soon Now Soon Exactly one weeks’ time the Achilles team will fly the long 19 hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City. Wow I thought as Ange talks to me with excitement. “Babes next week Monday will be our last sleep before we head out”. “What huh what’s the date”. Ange tells […]

Why so Quiet

Why so Quiet Today is Sunday I am up later than usual last night I did not sleep too well. Our two kitties don’t have food I was going to get yesterday but I forgot. Now Jeff Vader is head butting me to feed them he does this which is very strange. Oh well I […]

I’m Possible My Book It did take a few years longer than initially expected but it is here now. My first book-I’m Possible. As I waited for the promise that the book will be here tomorrow that tomorrow took in my mind several weeks. Once I had my book in my hand I then breathed […]

New York New York

25 days time Ange and me will be sitting in the airport where i will meet the other athletes to take on the NYM! 25 days i cant believe it wow. I wonder what will be sparkling in my mind as we sit waiting to board. I wonder how Ange will feel, i know i […]


Fifty Strong Thursday morning 12th September I woke up strong very strong-FIFTY strong. Three days after my fiftieth I will be running a half marathon twenty one kilometers. A few weeks after that I will be running a full marathon the New York Marathon. Team NickleBack will see tomorrow if they are indeed ready to […]

Hello Pops Good to See You

Drakensig Wednesday morning I catch the bus down to visit my dad on his farm in Hoedspruit. We drive through the tunnel after a windy slow drive down the Lowveld side I shout out Yee haa. We are here I see my good friend the Jean-Jeanie standing at his car ready to collect. Tonight I […]

Four Strong

Tattooed on my fore Arm across my scar is a date-12815 today is that day the day of my accident four years ago. I would have been sitting with my mom and dad enjoying a lunch and time together. Later in the afternoon i would be well let’s just say not doing too well. I […]