In a Dream

it seems this could be the start of my fourth book, my first is complete just trying to figure out who and how to get it published, i am excited i feel this one will be good. In a Dream My day was difficult and tiring I had achieved more today than what I had […]

Headway Group Therapy

Group Therapy Twice a week I spend the day at Headway along with many other warriors who have been knocked down and now live with a TBI of some sorts we are all so strong and we all know how to really enjoy life. Headway is an amazing community based rehab centre started by three […]

TBI Stronger Than Life

TBI Stronger Than Life Imagine a world where a human’s body will heal from all injuries moments after the tragedy struck their strong but frail bodies, imagine we all walk around with no limp, no brain injury, no support from our loved ones now our caregiver…imagine wow! I do not really think of this scenario […]