Ange and me are on our way back from the shops a new song starts playing. Within a second i know exactly which song it is all the words and the artist. I sing along Ange looks at me and comments how she says? How do you know every word to this song she then […]

Thank You Justin

Yesterday i returned for my weekly Bio Kinetics session at Justin’s practice I am a beneficiary of his trust-Trojans Neurological Trust (TNT). What a great day i have missed being there even though it was only a few weeks during December holidays still the few hours i spend there once a week is special to […]

Highs and Funnies of 2019

Highs and funnies of 2019 Another year blows away like dust in the wind. Wow I can’t believe how time seems to just disappear as if stolen by the deep dark abyss. Ange and I had a great year there were many highs there were lows too but fewer than that of previous years for […]

A Christmas Tale

A Christmas’s Tale Christmas may be a story of something which happened a long, long time ago. I am not sure of the details but that does not matter. It doesn’t matter because this day is doing exactly what I think it should be doing sharing good spirit and bringing families together. Today does so […]

Hi Dad

This morning i was up early 1 AM, sleep up 2 AM, sleep up 2: 30 AM and that was it no more sleep. I am usually up early in any way but today is different today i leave to visit my dad. I tried my best to lay in with Ange because i will […]

Rain Rain Rain-Yay

Two days into constant rain over Johannesburg i call my dad i tell him it is still raining in Johannesburg. I know he says and it will carry on for many more. I guess that’s the benefits of watching the news each day i haven’t and wont watch news or read a news paper too […]