Bevans Brain

Bevan’s Brain… Evolution: growth, advancement, rise, progress, progression, expansion, extension Yip as the heading suggests I am not the same as most people my explanation is that I have evolved; I have been able now to live two lives in the same body in one life. Strange as it may seem its true- true to […]

A Special Woman

A Special Woman My name is Bevan Oschger in 2015 on the 12 August I was involved in a hit and run where I suffered great injuries to my body including my brain (TBI) I was then left to die on the side of the road. A very special woman came to my rescue and […]

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Falling down a rabbit hole coming out on the other side in a new unknown adventurous world wow! Sounds like a great outcome for falling down a rabbit hole. For me though the rabbit hole was that idiot knocking me down forcing me into a coma and the unknown world was the […]

A Way Out

A Way Out We all have our exit plan- an emergency escape route some way of just being able to get away for a while whether it is from a difficult day at the office, a long week or an extremely testing year we can devise a plan in a few minutes of thought. Done […]

Who am I?

Who Am I? Do we actually know who we are? I have small moments of realisation just moments which are just fine for me as I am alive and strong. I do know this in which ever realisation moment I am in whether it is the one or the other there are two of me […]


Drakensig   Sitting in the dock of the bay wasting time wasting time, my version of this song by using the same lyrics; sitting on the stoep at the farm watching game watching game. What a great tune just chilling taking in life doing whatever you need and want to at any time in any […]