Sooooo Excited

Soooooo Excited Early this morning-very early I rolled from bed, stumbled to our lounge bounced from wall to wall knocking down everything hung or that was gently placed yesterday before me. I then fell against my bead work bench sending my neatly packed boxes of beads across the room as if they were pieces of […]

I Am Happy

I Am Happy Today is a great day to be alive. In Jhb we have just had the first rains of our summer. The smell was amazing…not I cannot smell anymore but in truth I forgot about the most amazing smell which the first rains bring along as the droplets fall from our skies. I […]

The Mind Shall Wander

The Mind Shall Wander I have been at home a while now-over three years. Another Monday is about to wake, the birds have woken and the darkness is fading away. Soon now the hum of the highway shall become louder until it reaches its peak. As the day becomes brighter so the hum disappears for […]

Inside Bevan’s Brain

Bevan’s Brain A while ago my good friend Jason and I were up to no good whilst we were up in Hoedspruit. We started a series of comical stories it all started when we were sitting and drinking I wanted to record our conversations as I thought one day we can re-listen to them and […]


It’s the Excitement 2am I am up and awake, not awake and up. There is a big difference; my daughter Cammy would say ‘Think about it’. Why would I be awake at two am as awake as can be ?To be honest I did initially think it was about five but when I heard no […]