Thanks Coroner

Don’t get me wrong Covid 19 is bad-real bad. The entire world has been affected as we all know but for me there are a few good problems which have been solved. The one problem, I am an avid U-Tube fan the Television sounds the entire day. When Ange is in the lounge working at […]

A Smile is All I Want

Today is Friday the best day of my week. Not because it is a Friday but because I get out of the house I can step into Justin’s Bio therapy practice and I can be me. Nobody there tip toes around the Bevan that now jumps from wall to wall. During my lesson with Jiten […]

Craziness of Love

I fell in love once, yes only once. Once I woke from my long sleep it didn’t take long to realise that I was missing a few marbles actually many marbles. I didn’t worry about anything I woke up and this was my life hospital was a place where I lived it was my home. […]

Good Morning 2021

Early before the sun rose I sat quietly almost as if in a daze on the deck waiting, wondering, thinking and listening to beautiful soft sounds. As I listened I heard a different sound a greater sound. I heard life I heard my heart beating it too was listening to what was happening around me […]