Life Now

Life Now-My Life This year on the 12th August it will be four years since that devastating afternoon. Not for me but for the people close to me. The greatest effect is that of my wife Ange, Ange feels every part of the new me the good but mostly the difficult. I have no memory […]

New York Marathon 2019?

New York Marathon 2019? March 2017 I was asked to compete in the New York Marathon I was given this opportunity by my bio kinesis Justin who is part of Achilles South Africa he had approached Denis Tabakin telling him that he had found a likely person that would benefit from this great event. Denis […]

Emotions-Like Sadness Maybe

Emotions-Like Sadness Maybe Last year my mom passed away-she decided it was indeed her time to go and find her next port-of-call, her next adventure, her next life to live. I can remember sitting in the church not what was said or who all was there just being there. I do remember seeing my two […]

A Great Man

Jules Ange and I had been seeing each other for a while; it’s now time to meet Julian-her dad. Ange has told me about her father and how being on the border in a war had changed him, made him hard. Don’t worry babes Ang says he is just protective of me and just because […]

African Wild Dog

African wild dog Tina is one of our special therapists at Headway; Tina goes out of her way to look after each member of our group. At year end she gives each one of us a Christmas present this year she gave us an interesting piece to keep in our home. Underneath lies a message […]

What a Great Time

Drakensig Parsons The five of us my two kids Camryn, Keegan Nicole’s daughter her boyfriend (Darth Vader’s son Luke) and me leave Gauteng we head to our family farm in the Lowveld South Africa-the African bush. We will enjoy a few days with my dad a family reunion. The name of our farm Drakensig directly […]

Exactly as it Should Be

Exactly How it Should Be Early this morning-very early I was up cleaning our home just making sure everything is nice and tidy so when Ange wakes and relaxes for the day she can feel comfortable. I would be on my way to our farm with my kiddies, my Niece and her boyfriend. They have […]

Bleed Until you Die

Bleed  Till You Die A short fictional story for those bookworms, over 18 only please, swearing and violence. The silence of a cold night disappeared slow and steady becoming louder and louder as the night grew longer for Michele. Starting once again as the sun began to set this was when Michele returned from a […]