Nelson Mandela Day-Awesome

Sjoe After what i thought would be a couple of taxi’s and a short walk to the Sandton fire station turned out to be many wrong taxi’s many other adventures and finally a long walk. An adventure i will never forget.. well until tomorrow that is. I eventually get to the Sandton Fire station for […]

Nelson Mandela day

Mandela Day 1918 on the 18th of July a great man was born and for this reason today I will head towards Sandton. Whichever way gets me there whichever way means a taxi or two total cost will be R26-00. Ange cannot as she must work and an Uber is out of the question our […]

Evaluation Number????? Done

‘Hi i’m Bevan’ ‘Yes Bevan i know i have read your file, well parts of it’ ‘Are you a head doctor’? ‘Please sit and make yourself comfortable’, Nothing.. she looks down and writes some words on a notepad i guess that was our chit chat getting to know each other time over. Not much i […]

Write, write and write some more

My Broken Brain the book is done, complete, finito, over, finished, dun,dun,dun. Actually i thought so until yesterday i decided to read it from chapter one. I’m sure i have read it before but i do not remember reading from the beginning . Small bits and pieces are there but not an entire story. I often […]

Team NickleBack

Dennis Tabakin joins the team  for our second run he is the head coach for Achilles. I know Denis well he is a second father to me. Denis had two conditions when he arranged the impossible by securing my NYM entry; finish the marathon and pay it forward by helping to get another over the […]

Understanding Me

Understanding Me   A TBI is a difficult injury to overcome both for the injured and for the loved ones. I would say in the last year I have come a long way. I personally thought after two odd years after my accidentI had not changed or really suffered from the mincing of my brain. […]

I Can and I Will

I Can and I Will   In life we often fall, get struck down or fail. Every day I fall to the ground some days I fall hard once I have fallen I lay quietly in that position still and hurt. I do not allow the pain of falling hurt for too long I cannot […]