What is Time

So what is time? Is it what the little boy sees when he sits on the rug in front of his grandma’s large round clock on the wall? What is the time granny he asks is it half past nine or half past three. She stops what she is doing, sits down on her chair […]

You Are Here Aren’t You

Third day of spring in Sunny South Africa-whoop, whoop. Ange is awake and sitting in her second office. This office is usually only used in the warmth of summer but today the weather is calling for Ange to join it. Our patio is huddled by the veggie garden which has started to show life and […]


We all have the time to do whatever we would like to do-but do we? Another way to put it is do we listen to ourselves when we say I want to do this and I want to do that or I have to. Answer is generally no. A while ago for the third time […]

Someone is Here

Currently I am writing a book about the unknown. Life after death, how the human race became and so on the current title-Life A Theory? I know what you are going to say what the f… Bevan why? Well I have no clue why or where the idea evolved from I just know it is […]

Tonight I Have to

I do not know how much is needed, which is worse too much or too little. The answer is generally accepted as somewhere in between. As a saying goes-“too much of a good thing can be bad.” I do agree with this saying to some extent. Agreed it is great to get out and let […]