Face Me

Face me I saw a face one day a man’s face, a brave but sad face. We passed one another walking in a crowded place and all I remember is his angry face. Why in that crowded place would I remember one particular face? Perhaps I saw myself, in another time in a different place […]

TBI will Take New York

Tbi Will Take New York A loud sounds shrieks across the heads of seven thousand runners it the PA system being switched on and a voice is about to tell all the enthusiastic runners the race is about to commence. I am excited and I kiss my love goodbye I will see you later I […]

My Destiny Awaits

My Destiny Awaits Ange and I were sitting close beside each the evening before my birthday the 11 September when Ange talks to me of the money still needed for the final payment to get us to the New York marathon. The last payment due before the end of Friday the 15th this payment is […]

A Birthday to Remember

A Birthday to Remember Two years ago today I would be just an image of myself lying alone in a bed in a hospital. In reality though there were plenty of people around me my beautiful wife and all the nursing staff. Ange had brought two cakes to the hospital one for the day staff […]

Dear Keegan

Dear Keegan                                                                                                    7 November 2014 KEEGAN OSCHGER BORN 17 MARCH 1997   A MAN OF HIS WORD AND A TRUE OSCHGER PROUD STRONG KIND LOVING FORGIVING TRUE PROTECTIVE SPIRITUAL GREAT   The day you were born, I met a man outside the hospital selling his goods, plain simple stuff, and a plain humble man trying […]