Life-a Theory

I recently told myself as I opened my unfinished writings file. No more Bevan concentrate on one book at a time. I deleted about twelve of my unfinished books I have been writing. I did this because as I opened file after file I could not remember starting them. As I read one after another […]

You not There Yet

Mission: reduce tummy size to under 1M diameter. Step 1 on track I have officially given up on coffee. How can coffee be bad for me I ask Ange? Well says Ange as she works out the quantity three litres or so a day babes that too much. Now it is water and my next […]

Achilles International

The Greatest Marathon in the World-the New York Marathon. I have started on my follow up book to I’m possible based on the NYM. A large amount of this book will be about the largest Disabled running club world-wide, Achilles international. Most avid runners are after five marathons these are the biggest: the NYM, Berlin, […]

All Good Things

All good things must and will come to an end… don’t worry this is not bad in fact it is great. How can a good thing that comes to an end be great you ask? Well you have worked hard the whole year and so as the difficult months and the long year draws to […]

Everything Will Be Okay

Everything will be okay… think about it I mean really think about it, wow what a saying. I can remember at some stage in my life driving out from a parking lot, stopping at the boom to insert my ticked before I can exit. As I place my ticket into the slot I notice a […]

Weird Thought

For the second day now I have slept in late. Yesterday was my annual Sunday sleep in day I woke at about ten in the morning. Today I also slept in I was awake just after the sun rose. I know tomorrow will be before the sun rises and for the next three weeks or […]

Why is There Still no Answer

Here is a quick overview of a few important steps before this mighty structure would stand high and proud in mystery for centuries before and after time. (Taken from various view points from structural engineers, architects. Professors and historians). A Two square kilometer area beneath the structure was removed and replaced with bedrock sections of […]