Fifty Strong Thursday morning 12th September I woke up strong very strong-FIFTY strong. Three days after my fiftieth I will be running a half marathon twenty one kilometers. A few weeks after that I will be running a full marathon the New York Marathon. Team NickleBack will see tomorrow if they are indeed ready to […]

Hello Pops Good to See You

Drakensig Wednesday morning I catch the bus down to visit my dad on his farm in Hoedspruit. We drive through the tunnel after a windy slow drive down the Lowveld side I shout out Yee haa. We are here I see my good friend the Jean-Jeanie standing at his car ready to collect. Tonight I […]

Four Strong

Tattooed on my fore Arm across my scar is a date-12815 today is that day the day of my accident four years ago. I would have been sitting with my mom and dad enjoying a lunch and time together. Later in the afternoon i would be well let’s just say not doing too well. I […]

My Book Has Life

Soon Now Soon A couple of days ago i get a call from my dad it’s time he says let’s get this book printed. I am ecstatic not only because my book will finally be printed after it has sat dormant for so long but also that i can hold a copy and see it […]

A little Help From a Friend

In 2017 i was invited to compete in the New York Marathon. I had just started bio kinetics with Justin Jefferies to further the therapy needed for my broken body to heal. Running was a tool he used to stabilize my balance to allow my left hand side to be in tune with my right. […]

I Wonder

I Wonder As I sit here writing on one of the many uncompleted books I have started I hear one of my speech therapist telling me as I hand her my first completed book-‘My broken Brain’. ‘Bevan, you can’t complete a book in a few months’. It takes some authors many, many years to complete […]

Crossroad Ahead   I’m sure I have been at a cross road standing alone glaring past the present and into what I thought was the future. The picture I now see is what I thought would be the outcome once I take the route I would choose. As I stared the picture then became fuzzy, […]

Nelson Mandela Day-Awesome

Sjoe After what i thought would be a couple of taxi’s and a short walk to the Sandton fire station turned out to be many wrong taxi’s many other adventures and finally a long walk. An adventure i will never forget.. well until tomorrow that is. I eventually get to the Sandton Fire station for […]

Nelson Mandela day

Mandela Day 1918 on the 18th of July a great man was born and for this reason today I will head towards Sandton. Whichever way gets me there whichever way means a taxi or two total cost will be R26-00. Ange cannot as she must work and an Uber is out of the question our […]