The Jean Jeanie

A couple of weeks ago i call my good friend Jean or as i call him the ‘Jean Jeanie’ (after one of my fav. David Bowie songs) i tell him i will be there on the Sunday. Can he fetch me from the bus stop? Of course my buddy-o-pal just say when and i will […]

World Run

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Raising money for a good cause is an amazing feeling. The Wings for Life marathon is a fundraiser to raise money for those that have sustained a spinal injury. All over the world at the same time whether it be 1 am or 6 pm the siren is sounded for the […]

Everything Will Be Okay

Everything Will Be Okay Whatever has taken you down today however tough, hard or emotionally stressful whichever difficulties broke you today tomorrow the sun will still rise and life will continue. Perhaps your entire life changed yesterday or it was a simple hurdle you could not overcome. It does not matter now all that matters […]

So Sorry Ange

So Sorry Ange Lying next to Ange in our comfortable bed I could feel the pain streaming through her body. I heard her soft groans Anges tummy was hurting. Are you okay babes I say? I’m sore she says I tell her I am sorry and I rub her stomach a bit. I then think […]


Sangoma! Well I say to the many that ask me “I am still in training”. Around my left ankle I wear two beaded ankle bracelets they are red and white. Red and white because I like the colors, on my left ankle well I have no clue but it fit there. I made too big […]

2019 New York Marathon

2019 New York Marathon The 2019 New York Marathon is a new challenge for Nicholas and me. This year I have been asked to help train Nicholas to complete the New York Marathon. Denis Tabakin the president of Achilles had arranged my first entry to the NYM in 2017 for this honour I had to […]

Do I Know Who I Am

Do I Know Who I Am? Yesterday I opened my laptop and started writing about my difficult day on Friday. Suddenly as if from nowhere this mighty blank space surrounded me it fills me with despair and loneliness I had just suffered a personal loss of unbelievable proportion I had lost me. My head bowed […]