Wow Moment

Wow Moment We all have what some call a wow moment…I had a wow moment today thanks to Tina’s class at Headway. Ange and I are up early to get to PTA for another evaluation but without joy, we were back home at nine. The three odd hour trip through the masses of people evacuating […]

Into the Wasteland

Into the Wasteland And so once again I wonder into the wasteland…slipping, sliding without warning it comes closer and closer. I look back I see my world, a good world the light fading as the darkness becomes overpowering. Is it me that has become dark or is it the world around me which has allowed […]

Going Home

Going Home Tomorrow early Ange and I will pack the final bits and pieces, load up the car and we are off. We will be moving back to the place where we first moved in together a happy place. We cannot wait it is as if there is a massive weight unloading from Anges shoulders. […]

The Little Bits

The Little Bits I just had an amazing week there have been so many high moments which have brought back joy and pleasure. The first started when Ange showed me the electronic copy of my article in Modern Athlete. Wow I thought as I shed a tear that is me featured on this popular Magazine-on […]

A Family-My Family

Trojan Neurological Trust Shown proudly on our cycling gear: TnT. I am truly glad for this as it takes me a great thought process to get the word Neurological out. Only after many many attempts in my mind do I get it right, well after practicing silently to myself do I get the confidence to […]

Back to the Start

Back To Where I Started It has taken six months or so for Ange to win the umpteenth battle against our medical aid (Di……y) to get me back to the rehabilitation which I need. I first started here some six months after being released from hospital (the first battle we lost) which should have been […]