TBI is my Strength

TBI is my Strength Recently I had been given the opportunity to be part of a lecture and possible speak to a university class in South Africa for a five minute introduction of myself as a person bearing the TBI injury part of Justin Jefferies lecture he is my bio kinetics therapist and regularly lectures […]

Surviving Brain Injury

Surviving Brain injury If you think you have had a real bad day as the dog got out of the gate, you had a fight with your boss, your work is behind schedule and you forgot to buy milk, well that would have been the best day of my life as I would have felt […]

My Life Has Just Begun

My Life has just begun I woke this morning turned to the west and glanced through the open window the sun was moments away from exposing its life giving rays and sending warm energy deep into my soul my timing seemed to be perfect I had slept through the night for the first time this […]

A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a day with friends and family this weekend Ange and I drove down to Hoedspruit to say hi to my parents and to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It takes a lot for us to drive six hours for there are all sorts […]

Fifty Strong

Fifty Strong I have heard them argue about financial issues, I have heard them arguing over simple issues but most of all I have heard them whispering to one another how madly in love they are. For fifty years they have stood by each other’s side through thick and thin through life. My mom and […]

A Time to Celebrate

A Time to Celebrate Celebrating a birthday with friends is special we all know that…do we truly know how special it is though do we take time to really think of all the greatness that person does for others? I took birthday parties for granted it was another party where the alcohol was the big […]

Wise Words from a Wise Woman

Wise Words from a Wise Woman My most amazing wife snuck out the most interesting but deep words whilst jumping on our bed on a delightful Saturday morning she sprang around me trying to get my attention whilst I was trying to write but the bouncing and bumping was not making finding the right key […]

Friends will be Frinds

Friends will be Friends I have many friends most of them I have never met but we are friends we have common interests and common problems we have so much in common it is really strange to think how we can actually be friends without even shaking hands it is unusual to be friends with […]