Our Goal a Bit High

Our Goal a Bit High I always talk about setting a goal too high. I say if you set it too high you may not be able to get there and therefore let yourself down. Ange and I set out this morning on the second day of our Achilles world challenge. The challenge started yesterday […]

Forgetting to live

Forgetting to Live It’s now late in the afternoon the day has been long and tiring it really feels as if it has just begun I am finished. Yesterday was amazing it started early I was out in the morning sun and I ran. I didn’t run far just a short round the block quickie. […]

What is Wrong With Me

What’s Wrong With Me I used to continuously tell myself and my beautiful Ange I’m still the same nothing has changed with me. Until… Until I recently read my book out aloud for the audio version. I had changed as we all change as we grow older and experience more of life we grow we […]

The End is Near

The End is Near This morning as I hear Ange talking to her mom about this and that my ears are alerted to a sentence. Ange tells her mom that Bevan is fine and both of them are looking forward to our meeting in the morning. I have been waiting for this a really long […]

The Lady and the Doctor

The Lady and the Doctor This may be an extremely short blog post. The length of it is of no importance the importance of it is important. It is said that laughter is good for one’s soul I tend to agree with that. So how short is short? Well how long is a piece of […]