About me

My Story

I was involved in a bike accident in a beautiful part of the country; I did not expect this to happen to me but I kind of new it would. So many months after the accident I found out for the first time what had happened and I was very sad that I had put my wife, family and friends through this trauma.

Recovery Process

After being released from ICU into the care of my wife, my recovery started taking place. It has been very difficult not to scream out in the middle of the night from pain or depression but I am stronger now and keep all the pain to myself, it gets easier but is difficult.

 What Living with TBI means to me

Taking life hour by hour and appreciating each morning the sun rises, enjoying the great parts of life and people. Just taking each daily task simply and getting into bed at night free from sore feelings is awesome.

Bevan Oschger | On my way to New York City Marathon

My awareness drive

I have been invited to run the New York Marathon through a running club Achilles and my biokineticist Justin Jeffrey. My goal is to raise awareness for TBI and show that living with this injury, I can conquer and achieve anything, even with all the challenges and hurdles I experience everyday, every hour, every minute and every second! Please help me realise this dream by donating to my cause.