What is Time

So what is time?

Is it what the little boy sees when he sits on the rug in front of his grandma’s large round clock on the wall? What is the time granny he asks is it half past nine or half past three.

She stops what she is doing, sits down on her chair once seated her eighty year old mind races back to before she was a teenager. She sees herself playing with friends on the playground. A split second later she is dancing away with the love of her life at their matric dance. She will marry him a few years into the future, the confetti falls from all the family and friends that throw handfuls over the bride and groom as they walk to their car which carries a bright sign “just married”. She smiles as her first born daughter screams whilst being held in the arms of the nurse she is so beautiful she thinks.

Now she is standing at her daughter’s wedding she is the one throwing the confetti smiling and laughing as they walk past. She begins to weep as she hears the doctor telling her that her son did not make the trauma he suffered, he passed away on the table. His heart gave in the doctor says, those are the difficult words she remembers till this day his voice, his eyes as he tried the best he could to tell her the hurtful news. She begins to sob as she stands at her husband’s coffin, they shared a great life together married for fifty years but now it is over. She is sad but she is so happy because he gave her everything he could and treated her so very well. As the coffin is lowered her last words to him are; “thank you my love, thank you for making me so happy I will never forget you”.

She stands behind a glass window watching her daughter holding her second born child. That moment was another highlight she feels blessed to be there, her husband could not but she is and that is fine she will tell him all about it when her time here is up and they are once again together.

Granny! Granny! What’s the time please granny wake up, wake up granny please! Tears roll down they drop, they fall as they drop time passes by-tick, tick, tick.

That same boy stands amongst friends and family as they lower the coffin into the ground. Today is a sad day-a lonely day even though there are many, many friends and family that stand at his side he is all alone… alone just for a moment. Suddenly he feels a tug on his sleeve daddy, daddy the voice says where is mommy going? How long will she be gone, when is she coming home?

He wipes the last tears left on his cheek the others have left and have pooled beneath him. He turns and looks down at his son. Today, right now is a moment he will never forget, similar to that day when he asked his granny what time it was. The day that granny never stood up again. He speaks to his son as best as he can, you will see your mommy again my boy before you know it you will see her again.

When you stand up in the morning walk to your car and take however long it may be to return home make sure that you understand the amount of time you have been gone is the time you make of it. Everything we do is time related time is a constant it is there whether we like it or not. Do not be the one that sits down for the last time and then for the first time understands that the time you had here is now gone. Why did I not do that or this or do what was asked of me why, why, why. Be the one that says I did my time the best I could and I enjoyed every moment. The difficult times I got through and I stood up to look forward to good times.

So what is time, is it the clock on the wall ticking away or is it you living every moment alive and happy.

I will take the latter. I will not watch time ticking away I will live my life the best I can. When I fall when the bad days arrive I will get through those and I will stand up to live because I know that the best days are yet to come.

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