A Good Step in the Right Direction

I was invited by Quinton’s to join his three month group session which along with being part of the group are one and one sessions with him. Quinton is a life coach he posts inspirational talks etc. on Facebook which are interesting to read and watch. The real inspirational and amazing stuff comes once signing up and joining his coaching sessions and so much more that he gives.

I first met him through someone I whilst shopping he called me and arranged to meet. I think the day we met I took him by surprise. What did this guy smoke before we met could have been his first thought. After a while once I explained my TBI he understood that I am indeed not drunk but just different.

A week ago I paid my money to join up which is a really low fee I would say for what he does. We had our first session where after an introduction we were placed with a partner. I had my first one on one session with him this morning and wow I can see how much he is going to help with my daily tasks I have to do.

Once we all met each other I realised that even though I have a TBI and struggle with firstly starting to put an idea together or doing what I need to but more important to complete a task. All the other members were ordinary people which do not carry a TBI scar. They joined the group so they too can get help or advice from a professional that can guide them in the right direction.

I asked Quinton what is a life coach and how can he help me. After our session I knew that I did not have to ask him what and how but I found out for myself. I have a professional that will guide me and help me understand which direction I need to go.

I know that the money I have paid is going to be money well spent. If anyone out there is struggling or simply needs a bit of help to get them up and show or guide them in the right direction have a look at what he does. Better than that join up for one month, once you join up you can see if he will be a positive influence in your life.

I am looking forward to the next session.

Thank you Quinton

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