We all have the time to do whatever we would like to do-but do we? Another way to put it is do we listen to ourselves when we say I want to do this and I want to do that or I have to. Answer is generally no.

A while ago for the third time I walked up to ABSA to once again get a new bank card for I had lost mine…again. The third time walking into the bank the que at enquires was too long I guess for me three people in the que is too long. I have extremely little patients and today the que was far more than three people. Today I had to get a new card I needed to draw money the cats now needed food and this is my responsibility they do not understand time.

I told myself just get into the que and wait it out. I sit down next to an elderly lady-a nice lady. We begin to talk she tells me that all she wanted to do before she dies is to go on that cruise her husband has promised her since the day they married. Now it is too late and they will never do it. I then tell her that she has plenty of time to do this she is not dead yet. I then tell her is she waiting to die?

After saying this to such a nice lady I realise that private gallery of mine has once again not worked. Not something one would say to an elderly lady I felt pretty bad and so I apologise. We had been sitting there for a while and she knew of my story so I guess my harsh words were forgiven somewhat as she told me that I needn’t apologise because I am right.

A few moments after that her husband walks up the elderly lady stands and lets out all her thoughts She tells her husband that she will wait no longer for his promises to become a reality. She then tells him that is he waiting for one of them to die first. They walk out but before they start to walk she turns and shows me with an amazing smile a thumbs up. I wonder if she and her hubby actually took that cruise, I think they would have.

One of the repercussions from my accident is my ability to look someone in the face and tell them exactly how I feel. Generally my thoughts hit a nerve of some kind because they are real. Some people need the truth told to them whether they believe it or not. Similar to that of time whether you like it or not it is real it ticks and ticks before you know or realise it you are old and those dreams have faded.

Time is there tick, tick, tick. Before it is too late, it is there but it is what you do with it that counts.

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