Not Because it’s Easy Because it’s Hard

We all have to reboot at some stage in our lives. I call it rebooting you might say; get off your ass or get your shit together maybe the holiday is over it’s time to get back to work. Whatever the case is the bottom line-we all need a break. Eventually the inevitable creeps up and so after we have recharged the batteries it is time to get back to work.

In my case work is writing I write from home, yes you may think what an awesome job there is no pressure there. Perhaps not the pressure you have your boss is a real dick and work is difficult. Still though life goes on and whatever the circumstances work keeps the wheels turning and life goes on.

A big part of my life is running but due to Covid I was not allowed to get out onto the road and run as far as I thought it is time to stop catch my breath and get back home. Yes I ran inside the complex and used to run sixteen kilometers inside the safety of the walls in under 2hrs30. Soon I had run every road, path and route I could but the walls closed in and I became lazy or sick of seeing the same bugs and birds crossing the same road.

Now no running I became lazy and afraid to get out the gates. Winter is hard on me when I begin to run my lungs seem to cave in and so I waited for the cold air to become warm. At first I did not realise it but the longer I waited the more I struggled to write and so the days became longer and I drifted further and further from the goals I made for myself.

Last Tuesday I had to get to Bio but Ange was stuck in meetings no money to catch an Uber but there was another option; I will get there on foot. I know it is twelve or so kilometers one way and I know I will eat those kilometers up in less than two hrs. Once there I will have an hour of bio my legs can rest a while and I will be able to get home there is no time limit to get home so everything is fine. I then thought to myself I haven’t run this far for at least a year and twenty four kilometers is no joke. I may be pushing the boundaries too much. Too late I say goodbye to Ange and I need to get on my way.

As usual I have left late and I have to get there within two hrs. soon once I start to run a few of my muscles pain because I started too fast. I stop and walk a while I walk out the pain and continue to run. Up ahead in the road I set a goal I will run to that point and stop a while but I cannot stop I continue. Eventually I reach bio one minute late I did it I pushed through the pain. It wasn’t easy to get there in the time I had set myself but I got there. The most difficult part of running there wasn’t the running it was the decision to run. I had to start somewhere and that morning I made the decision to start. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy I knew it was going to be hard that did not stop me it gave me the strength. I also know that from now on I will run whenever I have a bio session and by doing this I will get strong again. I will do it not because it is easy but because it is hard.


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