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Currently I am writing a book about the unknown. Life after death, how the human race became and so on the current title-Life A Theory?

I know what you are going to say what the f… Bevan why? Well I have no clue why or where the idea evolved from I just know it is here and so the book will one day reveal many bits and pieces of life we are unsure of…lol. I was walking back from the clubhouse with the Vader’s following close behind me when I began to think why they follow me whenever I walk to the clubhouse. They do not follow once or twice it is every time I need to buy whatever it may be or get out to give Ange a bit of silence.

They follow me until I reach the road which cuts through the complex. Once there they lay down and wait for my return, not once have they crossed the road why don’t they I began to think. Ange brought the two home and from that day on would not leave my side. Ange says they are here to guide me comfort cats to help me in my daily struggles.

I have another theory; they once lived in another body perhaps a human body. One day whilst walking home I turned to look at them and the title of my book came to me. Another thing is that not once ever have they walked in front of me they follow close behind a few meters, before I get to the door they race to get inside before me. This is when I wondered if Ange was right that they were purposely brought to me for other reasons.

Anyway the title is also about other unknown issues we get inside our home. When Anges dad passed we filled our house with many of his goodies. A wall cabinet, picture of him and his kids others pics and some funny signs, a small model motorbike etc. On a few occasions whilst we are on the couch in the lounge there is some sort of strange incident which occurs, not only in the evening but any time of the day. A few examples are; the kettle turning on, many of his and other pics, a few of the sayings printed on boards and aluminium plates falling from the shelf, a draft when no doors or windows are open, strange sounds etc.

My understanding is that his soul, spirit or energy is waiting to be shown where the next part of his journey begins now that his journey in the time he was here is complete. Also the doctors told him that the medical issue is suffered from should have taken him may, many years ago. He proved them wrong and whilst waiting he stayed to make sure Ange was okay I think. A few moments ago when I walked into the bedroom to tidy up the pull strings on the ceiling fan started to swing. I am not scared of these strange moments because I am pretty sure of what is the reason and I am okay with this. Sometimes he is here that is my understanding, everyone has their own thoughts either believe in this or don’t whatever we believe in is fine. My understanding whilst in my coma was that I was taken to another place and brought back because my journey here now is not yet complete. I tried to place the video I took of this will on this post but it will not send I will try to send it to my FB page if I can it is quite strange to see.

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