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I do not know how much is needed, which is worse too much or too little. The answer is generally accepted as somewhere in between. As a saying goes-“too much of a good thing can be bad.” I do agree with this saying to some extent. Agreed it is great to get out and let your hair down every now and again but too much partying is not good for us.

I am not talking about partying or getting out every now and then. I am talking about the complete opposite. A Chinese professor has done a study on this subject his answer was less than five. I guess many studies have been done by many institutions.  So what the heck am I talking about, well sleep of course.

Since my accident my sleeping pattern has changed somewhat. For the first year I slept continuously Ange says all day and all night, where’s Bevan? In bed he is asleep he will eat when he is hungry. The next couple of years or so I did not sleep at all it would range from a couple of hours to less than six. Far less than six. I do think in the last two years I have been able to get in a good five to eight hours or so a day. My sleep would not necessary be in the evening it could be in the middle of the day or at some point in the day. I guess when my body tells me that it is shutting down now. My understanding to the matter of the many studies that have been done is that you should sleep as much as your body needs to.  Do have the benefit that I can sleep whenever I want to, I do not work for a boss so there will not be a call on my cell asking me where the f… am I. If I did work for a boss this would not happen in anyway because I am up many hours before the sun rises. I don’t think I have used an alarm clock in the last few years once to wake up I just do. When I do set my cell to blast out whatever tune it is I hate the most so that I have to address the noise. It is so that I do not forget that I have to do something important. The problem with setting my alarm is that once I turn it off a few seconds later (mostly) I have forgotten whatever it was I set my alarm for in the first place.

Last night I set my alarm for five thirty I need to be at Bio at seven and I told Ange that I will Uber there, she needs her sleep I know that Fridays is a busy day for her. I had arranged with Nkosi to fetch me at six thirty and I don’t want to keep him so this is the reason to set my alarm. Ange and I get to bed early I tried so hard to sleep properly but as usual if I get to bed too early I simply do not sleep. Eventually I hear the cheeping of the birds and so I give up my efforts to sleep. I will sleep later in the day when my body tells me to.

Today I have an important day, I have bio and after I will run home it is important because I want to beat one hour thirty minutes. Well as usual the sleep I need will not be happening because at three AM I found myself (for the umpteenth time) wondering around the lounge. At this point I decided to not fight the inevitable and get up, get to the lounge and write until my alarm beeps telling me that I should get properly dressed and head to the gate to catch my lift.

Another day in the life of a TBI not much I can do about that, it is what it is. Whilst writing I notice that it is the thirteenth today and I realised that for the first time I missed that shitty anniversary date of my accident. Whoo hoo I can live with that, one date of the year I can skip with great pleasure. The accident changed my life forever I will not be sad about that I will allow it to make me stronger. “I can and I will-I will because I want to”.

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