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This morning I get an early call, sorry dad Keegan says did I wake you. Yes right Keegs you won’t often wake me, he laughs because he knows I have sleep issues. He updates me on his operation and that all is well, good news or in my mind great news as he talks to me. He has other news too which is really good to hear. I am glad for him I am happy for him, I am happy and feel comfortable that my children talk to me in an open manner. I guess I am blessed that I have two amazing children now becoming adults and finding their way into their future.

I was able to sleep in this morning, or lets me say I did not watch the sun sneak over the horizon, or from the neighbour’s roof. Okay so my day has begun it’s time to get stuck into my book after all it won’t write itself. I also don’t want it to take too many years, my first speech therapist did tell me that it will take a while to complete a book she said that it could take over five years to complete. Well this one will be completed this year.

I decide that I need to research a couple of ideas I have had I cannot simply “write stuff”. I can because I do but I need to get my facts strait. I do have a few memory issues so before I want to get to the chapter that I feel I need to check on I have to scroll down from the beginning. I start to scroll I know that it will not be in the first few chapters. I get about a third through and decide to read a little. Let me see what shit I have written I think, as I read I am happy with my grammar and so on, the full stops the comma’s there are no red lines on the screen which generally means spelling is good. Winner, winner I think. I do remember writing what I am reading well bits and pieces at least but I cannot remember re-reading this section of my book (I obviously have many times).

I then pick up a novel from the book shelf and read a bit to compare or perhaps to read how a well-known author writes. I put it speedily back and grab another, and another. One I picked up is written by a man that had a traumatic experience and how he stood up and how the accident made him stronger. This is a great story it is descriptive and, and. There is one problem the book in my mind is written so badly I struggle to get through one page. I then put it away and continue to read mine until I can get to the chapters I need to check on. I need to confirm with Google that what I have written has the correct facts to them. I am pretty close but there are certain details which I need to change.

All changed and updated I am happy and so I read on. After a while I get to the end of where I have written but I want it to carry on I want to read what happens next. Well the rest is in my mind and so I once again carry on. I know that tomorrow morning when I re-read what I write now will be changed somewhat or in a lot of cases be completely erased. This is not a problem I do know that when I erase a chapter or three it means the entire day yesterday is gone. Well if someone else reads my book and enjoys it that is the goal. If they finish it saying well it’s okay that won’t work. I then say to myself once I read what I have written so far this could work. When we do something do it properly or don’t do it at all. Writing is a bit different people have different likes and they may not like my book or its story but when they put it down and say to themselves that was well written. Well that is what I want when people tell me wow that was good read. Winner, winner chicken dinner.

I stood in the que at the shop the other day and a lady tapped me on my back she then said it is you Bevan I read your book that was very interesting and well written. When will you finish the next one? I laughed and told her that I am not a real writer and “I’m Possible” is just my story of my accident. She then said that is rubbish I must not put myself down like that she enjoyed my book more than many other’s she has read. I felt good and proud of myself. So the next will come when it is proper and good.


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