We All Will Meet Him at some Point in Our Life.

Who is him and why will we all meet him? Him the one they call death the one that comes to take the soul. Where to well we will never know, I know not truly though I simply have had a pretty weird experience. I faced the one they call the grim reaper the one that came to take me but I fought him off I told him to leave without his trophy. He argued with me he tried to fight he tried but the harder he fought he could not take my soul. On his last attempt he lifted his sword to slice my soul in half but it grew heavy he had to drop it realising that this is a battle he could not win. I told him to go on his way for if he would not give up I would destroy him and so he left. He did tell me that he would be back later to take me. I did not argue and so I allowed him to walk away I understood the inevitable, I was not scared because I knew that we all have to face him, we will all meet him. I then wondered if I would recognise him when he returned I also wondered if he would recognise me. Oh well I then thought that is in the future but as for today I get another chance to enjoy the gifts of life. The greatest gift is not that of life it is that of love. Without love will we truly be able to enjoy life. Not sure about that but as for me I enjoy life I am in love.

We will all face death at some point that is okay. Enjoy your life, as the saying goes; one life live it. I say live it yes but live it well and find love whether it is a man or a woman. If there is no other that you will be able to share your life with then look for something that you may be able to share this great emotion with. Perhaps that other life shall find you when it comes knocking open the door at allow them in. My good friend Fritz Blitz met him far too young. He is gone but I will never forget him I loved him, I loved his energy and his smile. Go well good man see you later. However long it will take Know that I will be there.

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