Was it as Good as you Imagined it to Be

Do you have a want a need a desire, a lust? Not that kind of lust or maybe. I don’t need to ask if you do because we all do we are human. There is definitely a positive uplifting feeling when we spoil ourselves. It could be on a daily basis, that amazing cup of tea or coffee in the morning to get you going for the day. That is a must something you want, you do not need it but you want it.

Need and want completely different; I have been up for a while now and I am tired I need to sleep, I am not too tired but I want to sleep. Can need be a want as well. I think so if you have not had something you really want for a while you could need it. I need to do that right now otherwise I’m going to crack.

I really needed something today my want became too great and so today I would make it happen. I had to get my kitties food and so I would combine the two-need and want. Ange has meetings so she cannot take me to get cat food. I am privileged I can walk anywhere I want to, I cannot drive so I will walk.

Off to Fourways mall I go then I will get a ten kilo cat food and whilst there I shall fill my desire to get what I have been craving for- a Rump steak with plenty fat. I buy the cat food and get that amazing piece of rump. No money left for an Uber so I will walk home with a ten kilo cat food balanced on my pip.

I get home an hour later and I can taste the Prego roll which I now need to eat. I did lose my taste and smell in my accident but no taste will not matter. Rolls cut and buttered a medium flavored chili sauce generously applied, some fried onions and thinly sliced tomatoes. The rump steak is rare very rare when I cut thinly sliced pieces it is so rare it makes a moo noise and tries to run away. Onto the rolls and I breathe the two Prego’s in.

That did it that hit the spot. My imagination has done the job of allowing me to taste and so all is good. Now I can wait for my next lust, got no clue what that is but I know it will come knocking. Every now and then we all need to spoil ourselves when the opportunity presents itself just do it. Once done it will be worth the time it took to get it. Even you have to make an excuse to get cat food when in truth they did not need because they still had a week or two until I would then need to get for them.

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