I Was Pretty Normal

Sunday was an extremely important day for me. The most important was to meet my two kiddies for lunch. Along with meeting Cammy and Keegs was to meet my daughter’s boyfriend. Boyfriend! This should be an ordinary hello how are you and the norm. Such as treat my daughter with respect etc. The second was to run the Mandela run and raise money for TNT the trust which helps with my rehab.

Saturday I cannot sleep I had the stress of meeting my daughter’s first serious boyfriend. I have gone through the lunch a thousand times now when the sunlight sneaks through the curtains. Still I have no idea how I am going to manage to do this. The morning sun is here to wake me but true to me I greet it first. I have to plan this properly to make sure I do not embarrass Cammy. It isn’t that a big a deal every father meets a boyfriend for the first time it is a thing we all do. Not too much of a mission for me though it is.

The plan was to wake up early and the week before have arranged as many people as possible to sponsor me for my run. They would sponsor for each kilometre I ran thus bringing in as much money as I can for the amazing TNT trust that helps me so much. I forgot about the run as usual Jiten messages me the day before to ask how well I have done to arrange sponsors. Huh what run I ask yes okay and I manage to arrange two sponsors that night. My cousins will help and Katy my Niece I think she is will also help. I need to sleep now so at eight in the morning I pass out I will not be running today, I have failed at my first planned task for the day.

Wake up babes wake up we need to be there before one. Oh crap I think this wasn’t the start I wanted. Any way we get to the venue as we walk in I see my daughter with the boyfriend as I see her I begin to cry. Nice intro to Jason what is going through his mind right now I think?

The lunch comes to an end and it’s time to leave. Ange and I walk to the car and I tell her that I was pretty normal. Yes she replies; you cried as you saw Cammy, You drank about six cups of coffee, you spoke Jason into oblivion and you fell asleep at the table-pretty normal she says and both of us begin to laugh. I am not embarrassed how I was and I know Cammy wasn’t either, she knows me and she obviously prepared Jason which would be appropriate given my injury.

Thanks all for a great time and thank you Cammy for getting me to meet Jason. I know that you will be fine because you are a strong woman that can always look after herself. I hope I haven’t chased Jason away-lol.

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