Do What You LOVE What You Do

Do what you LOVE what you do.


Another saying I guess we all know of is; if you enjoy your work you will never work a day in your life. I do know that when the weekend is over no matter how shitty it was Monday morning will still be a battle to get out of bed and once again hit the grind stone. Most would but there will be a few that you have been waiting for, closing a deal that couldn’t be closed before the week ended etc.

The title in my mind is completely different it describes everything one does. It could be work it could be relaxing or driving down to the coast for a much needed holiday. Driving the six hundred kilometres or perhaps over a thousand. You would have had to book for an overnight stay but when you get there the booking has not been confirmed. Now you have to find another overnight venue, the kids are now screaming at each other and the wife is pissed off because she said she will do it but you insisted you would.

The whole trip could have been done so different instead of racing to the overnight stop before darkness set in you could have left a little bit earlier. This way the drive would have been done at leisure driving under the speed limit. You have driven this road many times in your life but the kids have not also this is the first with your family. Now as you drive you talk of all the times you have taken this long road to Cape Town for instance. When you reach the overnight stop and it is a bugger up every one is calm and in good spirits. Why because you always told yourself it is not only about the destination it about the journey.

Do what you LOVE what you do.

I love what I do also I know I don’t have a boss I have to report to and that changes everything somewhat. Yes I don’t earn an income and this does put pressure on my Ange but I also know that whenever it will be I will have an income. With me having an income Ange will have the weight of being the only one bringing in an income lifted from her shoulders.

I am an Author I write for a living, yes as Denis says I am a young author and I have much to learn. I understand this because the other day I deleted about ten or so files I had saved all books I had started. Some had a few pages to them others close to two hundred which in my mind is past half way. When I opened the different books I did not remember writing one of them and as I read I thought what the f… is this about. No story line no direction etc. and so I deleted all of them one by one they disappeared I wasn’t sad I was happy that I can now focus on one. Which then became two but that is it, two is good. The second I am writing is based on what I think went on in my mind as I slept quietly in a coma. I say it is my subconscious which is opening my mind to write it but wow it is difficult as the title says; Life-a theory? I started it a while ago and every time I continue I have to re-read what I have written (the short term issue I have). This is just fine because it is making sense and there is a definite structure to it.

As Quinten told me I am similar to that of a tree I have to water it so that it will grow big and strong. Time Bevan allow time to get you strong. Well I do have time I wake long before the sun rises whether it be a Sunday or a Monday it is all the same-I love what I do. Try find your love forget about the big income that will come but enjoy the journey before you reach the destination that way if the destination is kak your journey was amazing. Allow your tree to grow big and strong.

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