Early-Very Early

I can feel it I know it is early I know this I just do. It will soon be confirmed not by looking at the time, our kitties will tell me long before I get to my cell. In fact I will know before I get to the bedroom door. They will get to me in a flash long before I step into the kitchen to make a cup of whatever it is. They want food or more like they want me to stand at their bowls while they eat. Their bowls are always full but they generally do not eat during the day. To me this is a bit freaky why do they do this? When it is too early they will not follow me to the kitchen they don’t even open an eye.

The past two weeks I have slept well waking up moments before Anges alarm will sound which is at 6am. I wonder why it is that when I have slept through the night I wake up tired. I remember this feeling before my accident. When I wake long before the sun will rise I wake wide awake. As I sleep I toss and turn waking every few minutes.

Today when I do get to my cell it says 12h38 fuck I say to myself I knew it. Now as I write this post I remember the exact time I also wonder why I remember. It has been half an hour or so before I tried to find my glasses. My loss of short term memory, I search and search but still they elude me. Oh well I have a second pair I will get them and leave my others until they show up; the problem she’s one. Where are they but it doesn’t take too long because they are neatly placed with three other glasses cases at the edge of the lounge table. I do know this because they are directly in my eyesight.

I wonder who else firstly does not sleep too well and secondly wakes up tired after a good night’s sleep. Oh well not much I can do about this besides I have a bigger problem this is waking Ange up when I eventually do get tired. I do know that will be an hour or so before she wakes. Meaning she will not have a good night’s rest because of my tossing and turning and now as I try sneak into bed I will bump into everything I shouldn’t. Ange calls it bumper car alley it is 2am now so I will try my best to avoid bumper car alley. I will try my to get some sleep Ange will wake in anyway ask what is the time and grunt as I tell her it is early-very early, sorry babes.

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