So Much Too Much Another Day and Another Year Stolen

My beautiful Ange says to me “you must read this babes”.

And so I begin-the bases of the story/motivational piece is that we all try do so much in one day that we try to rush through all the tasks. Days later the year is at an end and so we wonder what happened to the year.

My thoughts on this applies to everyone. I see Ange sitting at the previously known dining table now transformed to her office due to Covid 19. I am mostly in the lounge I cannot sit on an ordinary chair for longer than ten minutes and my pelvis/butt becomes painful and so for the next three hours or so I cringe from the f……pain. Hence the reason for my propped up couch type chair.

During the time in my spot I listen to Ange as she jumps from meeting to meeting. At the end of the day her frustration is let go full of the words I cannot mention. Meetings the entire day has not given her the chance to complete her own work. The load is simply too much and so her day will continue until dinner is on the lounge table and I try to convince her that tomorrow is another day.

The reason her short motivational piece touched me was because I see her strain and I see that tomorrow another day begins a lot earlier. She won’t be driving the one to two hour trip to the office. Her office is once again closed and so nobody has to drive the challenging trip to work now the problem she’s one much earlier her meetings start and so not only is she working late into the evening but an extra two hours a day.

Weekends we should be getting out perhaps a picnic or simply a walk to wherever it may be. Due to her extra work load she is now too tired to get up early on the Saturday, Sunday she must rest at home no activities because she knows Monday is going to be hell and so rest is the way to recharge before the onslaught begins.

I wonder how many others day is similar to hers because Covid restricts our movement so it is simply easy to send work earlier. I do know that when December comes she will say WTF happened to this year. Well it was not faster time wise than before Covid it was because it is now easier to start the day. Oh Ange can you quickly do this for me before our meetings begin. Anges way is to not let the team down the computer is opened and so at 6H30 her day is on the way.

Another year gone by because we have tried to do too much. The 52 weekends have been shortened to single digits. Weekends should be spent on enjoyment not to constantly have the following weeks work stealing it. Don’t allow time to pass to quickly before you realise it you are old and broken.  I know I cannot change the world but I will continue to change Anges.

I cannot work anymore and perhaps it is a blessing. Once my salary returns maybe then I can give her a couple of years off-I hope so.

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