It Don’t Matter Life Has Never Been Better

It could be worse I would have had to sit around for two hours. I cannot stand waiting one of my issues since my accident-waiting. Nkosi took me to Bio this morning Ange wasn’t feeling too well. Nkosi told me when you are done call me I will fetch you. After bio before I call I check my money situation, oh crap no moola. I can’t get him to fetch me if I don’t have bucks. I know Ange has a busy day so I want to not call her. As I stand thinking after bio what I do now, what plan can I make I seem to be in a tight spot? Kind of like I have painted myself into a corner and I need to wait for the paint to dry this is not going to happen Ange can only get to me in two hours or so.

I then remember you dumb ass you have run a handful of half marathons, two New York Marathons just walk home it’s only fifteen km or so. Problem solved besides two weeks ago I walked home and last week I walked to the Northcliff water tower which I call “the beast” Twenty three km.

I cannot drive any more I have no car so walking is my now only option. It could be so much worse I could drive home in the past but today could be my unlucky day and have an accident on the way home. Perhaps in the accident I could suffer from a brain injury and spend time in a coma or worse have my heart stop beating many times over. Oh wait a minute been there got the ‘T’ shirt.

We all find ourselves in a tight spot at some time in our life. It is at that point when a decision has to be made to rely on somebody else or find a solution on your own. Many times it could be a difficult decision one has to make. In your mind it would be easy to rely on another to solve your problem. An easy way out, if life was always easy then how do we test ourselves. How do we know that as we become older have we learned to get through that dark pit we now find ourselves in? Everyone at some point must not take the easy road and simply get through it on their own.

I have a brain injury my life has changed, many parts of my body is still healing hence the reason I am at bio once a week. I could feel sorry for myself and cry that life continues to throw me curve balls and is constantly knocking me down. Truthfully each and every day I face great challenges but I will always stand up and on most occasions figure it out on my own.

I now always remember one or two phrases I have made up which keep me from being unable to stand up time and time again. I always tell myself to figure it out myself similar to last week when I once again beat the beast. My cell had died and my ways app which guided me to the top where the water tower stands had now put me on my own I had to solve another problem on my own. Getting lost I found myself in Randburg no battery left and now I need to find a cable and a place to charge my cell. I passed a running store and knew that being a runner they can help. Whilst there waiting for my cell to recharge I spoke to one of the sales men, he is an avid runner and knocks a marathon down in under four hours. Suddenly he asks me if I am the Bevan that suffered from a devastating accident walking out with a brain injury. The Bevan that inspired him to not quit on one of a marathons that he was running. His body was broken and he was about to quit he then thought of me and told himself that if a man that has got up from that and done so much then he can too. A few hours later he crossed the finish line and in his mind thanked me for getting him to the end. Wow at that moment I started to cry and thought I motivated an avid runner to get across the finish line.

It don’t matter life has never been better. I now say to you never give up dig deep and get out on your own.

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