Over Four Rivers to Northcliff Tower

This morning was a difficult start for me, Ange dropped me at Bio and had to leave for her Monday full of meetings. It’s okay babes I say I will walk home I also need to catch up on our Achilles challenge. I had to stop for the week as I had injured my left leg. Bio was hard for me plenty emotions.

My plan since my last session was to push to the Northcliff tower on foot to once again conquer the beast and get to the highest point in Jhb. I leave Bio and decide I can’t do this today I will wait another couple of days once I am in good spirits. Well that thought took about a minute to be pushed aside and another to take control.

I can do this I start to think as I walk home, I can’t let me down and give up so soon. My direction takes a ninety degree turn and so I head towards that freaking monster that sits high on a ridge. After about a three hour struggle my battery dies on my phone and so there goes the route my app has worked out for me. After a while of searching for a place to recharge my cell I comes right and so I continue. Eventually I reach the top and sit under the tower on a bench watching over Jhb.

I take out my hamburger I bought along the way and breathe it in. As I sit alone the wind howls around me I then realise and know I cannot make it back home without major injuries. My spirit is kind of broken when I pick up my cell and ask Ange to please come fetch me. Ange has to ask to leave a meeting as she needs to fetch her now broken husband some twenty kilometers away as he is hurting and needs her help.

It’s not all that bad as I check my cell at home once charged to see if I did okay with the distance as I did forget to restart my Strata tracking app. I was hoping I managed to get to twenty kilometers it did feel like at least a half a marathon that I actually ran. Twenty four kilometres says my cell, well I think I didn’t make it home but I reached two goals today I flattened the tower and I crushed the twenty kilometres.

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