Sometimes You Have To

Do I stay or do I go if I stay will I forever be lost in this dark world? If I go will I burn up in a world I do not understand, I will leave all those I know and love behind, will they miss me? I know I will miss them and I do know that the further I walk from the safety and warmth of my home the lonelier I shall become. I have to make a decision fast because if I do not my home shall be in between two places-somewhere but nowhere.

As I lay here on my own in this cold place my eyes are closed and the world races through my mind. I cannot open my eyes I simply cannot-not my doing of course neither that of another it is simply the way it is. I do not know how I got here to this dark place, also I do not know where here is all I know of now is darkness and I do not like the dark.

I have heard a whisper to not go towards the light, I ask myself if it is a whisper that tells me to not go towards the light then the light cannot be that bad. If it were a loud voice vibrating throughout my body I will know the light is not the place I should go. As the quiet wind blows over my now cold face I realize that my time is at an end. That quick decision I had to make too long ago is upon me. Open your eyes and face the light or stay in the darkness but you cannot do both. Sometimes you have to do what is necessary whether you like it or not.

Before the cold wind could blow me away I made the easiest decision of my life. I had to escape from the darkness and so I opened my eyes to step into the light my pupils expanded to acknowledge the bright warmth I realized then that it is not the darkness that had been holding me back it was me. I stood up and stepped onto a new road-my road.

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