Zoom Interview

My nerves are shot I start to walk around the house. Go for a shower says Ange it will calm you down. I am in and out what seemed like a few minutes and I am back to the lounge pacing up and down past Ange that sits working. In three hours I will talk on one of Quinton’s motivational shows.

I have spoken to people before my largest audience was about a thousand people. Ange and I were flown down to Durban for a talk about me completing the NYM carrying a TBI scar. That was a piece of cake as I sat waiting for my turn to talk a couple of Politian’s spoke boring the audience to sleep, as they do.

My turn and I stumble onto the stage walking up the stairs I almost bit the floor. Once up on the stage looking into the crowd I knew in an instance what to do. Stand proud and get everyone involved, in a few minutes I had people up with me. I noticed the crowd was wide awake and smiles were everywhere. Once I left I knew I had done well. This interview was different it was a live video link on U-tube due to Covid.

As the questions came I thought I did well. Ange did say I did well but would stray off topic as usual. Doesn’t matter I did my best and Quinton said I did Well. The important part of my talk was that I could show all that although I have a brain injury I am possible-the title of my book. Ange took the word impossible and making it I’m possible.

Thank you Quinton for having the faith in me to be able to get the word out that a TBI is okay and that it could be worse. The last words I said was one of my phrases; when you think life is getting too hard-it it’s never hard enough. Fight harder, love harder and live harder.

Until the next I will keep practicing to iron out my long answers to the questions. As Ange says keep it short and to the point.



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