Good to Meet you Quintin

Ange and I ventured out to our local Checkers to stock up on a couple of items. Whilst there I noticed a man walking into the shop I immediately recognised him. This is quite new to me that I recognise somebody from my past. Who he is doesn’t matter but we spoke and he said he will get me in touch with someone he knows that could be good for me. Yes okay I think one of my headaches is when someone says they will do something but don’t. I was wrong about thinking this because a few days later Quintin calls.

He then arranges that we meet up and so on the Saturday at a coffee shop I sit for a short while waiting for him. In my mind I start to put the conversation we had to a face or more than the face the character of Quintin. What car he drives, how he dresses etc. A man then walks up to me he is dress casually and he wears sun glasses. Bevan he asks, yes why I respond in my mind I think who he is I don’t remember this dude from my past.

I’m Quintin huh you Quintin you do not look anything what I thought you would look like. What car do you drive and please take off your sunglasses. He responds in a soft manner I think he was trying to understand why he is meeting this guy, my car-take off my sunglasses why wtf. I needed to see into his eyes before I gave him one of my books I wrote and my last magazine I have. The article that was written about me-the power of positivity in an international runner’s magazine I can proudly say. It doesn’t take too long and I hand him the book and the magazine. I don’t need to asses this kind of rough looking dude I can see in his eyes he is genuine.

We talk and he is taken aback by my story this wasn’t the person I was told about he says. You have a brain injury, you were brought back to life many times wow that’s a great story you have to tell. Quintin does not get too many words in as I think I spoke him into oblivion, a usual for me I have the ability to talk a glass eyeball to sleep. Lucky for him his eyes are the original no glass eyeball so he is wide awake as I talk. As I talk I notice that he does not just listen he hears.

Quintin left his comfortable job and started his own business he is a power full man. Basically he does motivational talks and places these on U-tube he is also a life coach. In a nut shell helps others to be positive he has a blog and has Facebook page where people can join and speak their mind to each other. He calls it a community every one that joins pays a small fee on a monthly bases which is well worth the money they pay. I am not sure of the details of his community but I do know that if you are reading this post it will be well worth it to have a look, perhaps by joining his community you may receive something missing in your life. Maybe, maybe not give it a go you have nothing to lose.

Quintin calls me today he would like to take our conversation further but mostly he would like to meet the amazing woman that keeps me sane and strong to be able to face another day. Another day in the life of living with her husband that wears the scar of a TBI. I felt humbled by his words of when he met this man he said he was privileged to meet Bevan on his FB page. When we spoke this morning I asked him why he said he was privileged to meet me I am an ordinary man. No he said you are not ordinary and you do not have to be a famous for me to be privileged to meet you.

I have joined his community on Facebook and I look forward to the future to what happens between the two of us. It is not too often that one meets someone that has the fight and guts that Quintin has. He does not have to wear a suit to be able to show his strength in the work he does. He is a plain man with a mission in life that is to help others in whichever way he can.

Thank you Quintin it was good to meet you.


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