PURPOSE-The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists… according to Google.

What is my purpose in life, today or tomorrow? I was thinking about me and as I thought about me and the word purpose I spoke to Ange about this subject as we lay in bed. After a while I think I spoke Ange into oblivion. I certainly know that moments later I was talking in circles. I then stopped to breathe and noticed that Ange had fallen asleep. No just a joke but I did see the expression on her face and realised that she had heard this from me many times before. I told her that is all I have to say about that and she must get some sleep now.

I was onto something because I do know I start on a project and a few moments later I am bored and so that certain project is placed in a draw and closed. This is what I believe is one of the big issues I face from my accident. I have been trying to motivate myself to run more I enjoy running whilst I run but it takes so much to get me to start. Ange doesn’t pester me to get out and do something, she encourages me but there is only so much she can do the rest is up to me.

Ange knows I do not want to be told, reminded or shown each day how and what to do. She knows that I need to find all the pieces and put them back on my own. If I don’t do this for myself how then will I learn anything? All I will know it that someone does everything for me do this, do that where are your table manners, you must do it this way we have spoken to you about this, etc.

I do know that I am becoming so much better at the little bits which I know leads to becoming better at the bigger pieces. I know this because deep down my subconscious mind is helping me to become more independent.

The other day I met a person I once knew long ago as I stood in Checkers I noticed this man walking through the door I recognised him immediately, even his name. After talking and explaining to him about the new Bevan he was surprised and told me there is nothing wrong with me as I recognised him and knew of things he did not. He also said he did not recognise me this was a highlight for me. He gave a colleague of his my number and today Quintin called. We will be meeting up on Wednesday to chat he is a life coach and perhaps can help me in my closed draw issues. We spoke for a while and soon he suggested we meet as he was quite interested in my story. Perhaps we can benefit from each other he said.

Today I received a Watts up from our team captain at Achilles there is a virtual run coming up from the 19th June to 7th of July will I be taking part. Of course I text back and in a few seconds I realised I have a purpose. I will run each day and try to log the most kilometres out of the three South African chapters. If I succeed I have done well if not I tried my best and my best is all I can do.

That is surely a purpose to be the best you can. After I meet Quintin and I run the Achilles cup I would have learned more and my life would have become more purposeful. Whatever my understanding of the word purpose is it doesn’t matter what matters is that I try my best on my own. On my own but I will gladly accept help from another that I can learn from.

Purpose: My purpose in life is that I try my best to be the best I can be. Be kind to everyone and help when I can. Others are not as lucky as I am and surly they can learn from me-I hope so.

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