A book I am currently busy writing is based on my idea of what life is. Once I woke from my coma Ange and I were told in the most subtle way by my neuro surgeon. Bevan is a man that now has the brain of an infant and needs to relearn about life. He needs to understand the dangers etc. etc. etc. Not the nicest way to be told what I now am.

In a way for the first few years this was true after I posted a video of me seeing a mulberry tree with the bright red fruits and tasting them I was over whelmed and tucked in similar to that of a child seeing a mulberry tree for the first time. Ange read my post and saw that many people commented on my behaviour. Ange was quite upset and replied that this is the new Bevan this is new to him and his brain is only trying to understand all these new ‘things’ he now is understanding as if for the first time in his life. Hence the description given to us by the neuro surgeon of my infant brain.

I also know that it did not take me too long to overcome my infant brain. Friends I see after a few months tell me how much better I seem. Wow Bevan you are so different to when I saw you the last time. Anyway back to my book. Due to the loss of my long term memory I now learn what I want to learn. If I don’t know something I simply ask my professor-Dr Google. In a few seconds I have the answer if I don’t agree with that answer I send it to the abyss and understand it the way I know it to be.

Most of the answers I seek are related to the spiritual world, the bible for instance. I have no freaking clue about the bible and all my memories of Sunday school are gone. My new book is about the way I see life after we die and what happens to our soul etc. So I start to write about this subject and twenty odd pages into the book I am starting to understand how deep this topic is.

What have I started and how the heck will I get to the three hundred odd pages I want to achieve in this book. There is so much in my mind I brought back from my time in my deep sleep. I know I will get to the three hundred pages but the more I write the more I remember and the more I have to adjust and reposition the chapters. I also know I will complete this one I also know I will have opened a completely different idea of what life is really about well in my mind at least.

A big theory in the USA or rather many studies about brain injuries are about the use of as we call it narcotics. One in particular is magic mushrooms apparently it opens up sections of the brain helping a brain injury or helping to understand a lot we brain injured have lost. Well I will wait until something like that is approved then let’s see in what direction my book will go.

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