Do you Really Remember

A couple of days ago I remembered that I ran the NYM (twice). U-tube there must be many vids loaded perhaps I will get a glimpsed of an Achilles athlete maybe even of myself. I must certainly remember parts of the marathon, certain milestones I passed sections of the five Burroughs.

As the runners line up for the start I do remember being there amongst the many other disabled runners. The disabled runners all started at the same time. There were many separate starting times, I guess the different times were sectioned into the times the runners qualified in. I think there were over 70 000 runners in the 2019 marathon so they cannot start at the same time which is pretty obvious.

As I watch the many videos of the race I see many other disabled athletes not because they look different in the way they ran but we all wore a bright yellow Achilles shirt. As they show the course and explain where they are in the race I am still waiting for a moment I can remember.

Not much comes but I do remember a few moments. The start everyone huddled together as the cold mist started to surround and then engulf us. I remember turning a corner as we entered Brooklyn and seeing thousands of people lining the streets. Also the vibrant cheers and the sounds of the many bands. I remember about a kilometre or two before we passed the halfway mark seeing an Irish pub and saying to my guide that I will be stopping there on my next NYM. Yes to rest a bit but more importantly to drink a Guinness. Why the fuck not I can say I ran the NYM and stopped at a pub to have a beer. Seeing Ange waiting somewhere in the race to hug me with the most amazing smile on her face. Standing on a bridge before my last guide and I entered Central park for the last ten kilometres or so ( I ditched the other two guides as they faded in the background). Just looking and staring into New York City. I remember as I ran through Central Park a man screaming at me-a man I met in NYC before the race. He promised to be there to cheer me on. Seeing him was an amazing feeling. Mostly I remember the finish line as I passed the clock in bright and being proud that I beat my first NYM time by about forty minutes. Being given a medal and noticing as the many officials handed out medals as runners finished after me that there were still hundreds of boxes full of medals which still had to be handed out. Knowing that I finished before them. The rest is a blur but I remembered moments and I do remember the excitement. That for me is awesome. The 2017 marathon is a big blur so two years later I know my memory has improved.

We all have issues with our memory I’m not the only one. I do also get quite sad when I know I should remember more. Well no stress I do feel proud as I watch all the different videos of the marathon that I was there and I finished which about five thousand other avid runners could not.

I was accepted to run my third when I know I will stop in an Irish pub to have that Guiness. Well the third won’t be happening because of Covid. Its fine there will be another opportunity in fact there will be many more. Next one I also know that I will remember more. As time goes by and as I get older I seem to be reme3mbering more and more. I guess it should be the other way around, getting older remembering less and less. I will take that as well in a nutshell I do really remember it just takes a small ping and it is there.


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