Beautiful-My Beautiful

Most days for us now are the same. I wake early before the sun shines, I sneak from the room so Ange can get a few hours more rest before a day full of meetings start. I sit in my spot in the lounge and write (currently a book-LIFE A THEORY?). Ange is up has a bath I make her tea and so her day begins. She obviously works from home but her work load has not slowed down because she is not in the office in my mind it has escalated.

I have made Ange breakfast and her bottomless tea cup is kept full. As I write I hear Ange hopping from meeting to meeting. Eventually her meeting voice is silenced all I now hear is a beautiful woman doing what she does best.

Suddenly her business voice is broken a scream is let out time for a break she shouts out. Ange leaves her table and takes a walk into the garden. As Ange steps outside and walks a few meters into the sunshine I stay in my spot and I just watch her. I watch through the closed door as she steps this way and that I notice her eyes, her face, and hands I see a beautiful woman.

It only took a short time watching Ange as she quietly swayed this way and that in the garden to realise that I am probably the luckiest man in the world. Lucky because I have her right by my side. In that moment I realized how much Ange really does for me. I cannot work in a sense that I have to meet up with clients, meet the boss or get to the office I write and with writing there is no income. My finances will be sorted in the near future but until then it is Ange that has to make sure we have a roof over our heads.

My Ange my beautiful Ange thank you my love for all you do for us. You are the most amazing woman I know and the most beautiful.

Have a great day

Love you so very much.



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