To Let Them in you Must Let Go

The weather is becoming cold Ange and I cosy in on our favourite spot on the couch, we each have our favourite spot which has not and will never change-its Netflix binge time. I now get shifted over as if the Vader’s have told me “What about us, you know where our spot is.”

So be it I now lay with the two Vader’s snuggled up around me. Ange is alone-no Vader’s. Why do they always snuggle up with you why not me? Deep in my mind I know what is going on. I try tell Ange that it is the scent of Felix and Milli that keeps them away from her. Felix and Ange could not be separated. The Vader’s weren’t allowed to even get close to her and Felix. He used to lay on her chest. If Jeff or Darth came close one stare and they were chased away.

I now know what the real reason is that they would not even try to snuggle up to her. Ange could not let go of Felix-emotionally. Ange held on to Felix in such a loving manner the Vader’s felt this and even though he has been gone a while now they still could not get close to Ange. Recently Ange tells me it’s time babes as she tells me this she holds a “t” shirt in her hands the shirt was a shirt that Felix used to lay on which was always close to her.( it was a shirt from my accident which had my scent on, a shirt Ange held onto when I was in my coma.) Now that I am back and okay Ange holds on to it because it gives her the comfort of Felix. So with great sadness Ange let’s go of the shirt.

Days later I notice a change-a big change, As I lay snuggled up Jeff stands up and walks past my face, he looks at me and as if I could understand tells me that Ange needs me now sorry for you but I’m out of here. Off he goes and lays right at Anges side. The next night he once again stands up but this time doesn’t even look at me he simply walks on by and gets back into his favourite spot right next to Ange.

The other spot was when we got to bed, Jeff used to cuddle up right at my face Darth at my feet but now I am alone. Each night as we start to close our eyes I feel a slight thud, yip it is Jeff he now jumps as quietly as possible onto Anges side of the bed and sleeps right on her side. As Ange sleeps her arm slides over Jeff and I hear a sigh of comfort. I am not sad I am elated I can sleep so much better now that I know it is her they seek. It is the comfort of Ange that brings them great joy. Jeff at her side and Darth at her feet.

If we do not let go we cannot let others in. It is not a sad thing to let go as a loved one will always live deep down in a wounded heart. We should know that to let go others will be able to be invited in, they too need that affectionate love that you hand out so freely. I know that Ange smiles each night knowing that it is her they now seek it is her love which fills them up with comfort.

We will never know what or how cats feel but I do know that they have now found the place they wanted so much they just had to give Ange some time to let them in.


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