Life-a Theory

I recently told myself as I opened my unfinished writings file. No more Bevan concentrate on one book at a time. I deleted about twelve of my unfinished books I have been writing. I did this because as I opened file after file I could not remember starting them. As I read one after another I could pick out the interesting ones also a couple that was total gibberish. What the fuck is this about there is no story line to this one. Many had only a few pages to them but two were over one hundred pages, oh well delete and so with some regret they too were in one push of a button gone.

The greatest marathon in the world stayed behind-my latest book I’m writing, but a few days ago my interest in the book disappeared. I cannot write any more on this one, I guess it is part of my TBI the lack of concentration and ability to finish what I start. I do understand that writing a book is a long process it takes concentration, at times becomes difficult, too difficult. I then put it away for a day or two and once I am ready I will continue.

I must start on another, one book becomes tedious so now there is another I have started, it is a fiction novel, fiction for some but in my eyes it is what happened to me. When I woke from my coma I had absolutely no memory of my life but slowly bits and pieces are returning. Pictures I took of my life bring up a memory of that time but as I say in my first book; your memory is in colour with surround sound it can be played over and over again. My memory is in black and white with no sound it is played to me as if I’m watching a movie an old movie on a reel. Suddenly whilst watching the movie stops and that part burns it will never come back. I have recently seen comments that an old friend of mine-Graham Tinny writes and I still remember him and small bits of our mischievous upbringing. I have seen a few of pictures of him on Facebook as he is now but if we would walk past each other now he would greet me, howzit Bevan he would say but I know I would not know who the heck he is. Thanks Graham keep sending your comments perhaps more memories will return.


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