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Mission: reduce tummy size to under 1M diameter. Step 1 on track I have officially given up on coffee. How can coffee be bad for me I ask Ange? Well says Ange as she works out the quantity three litres or so a day babes that too much. Now it is water and my next mission is to restart my running. Before I run I must walk if I walk starting at 25km a week that will get my body ready to run.

Okay so this morning I need to refill my meds. I will walk to Diskem Pharmacy It’s not too far. I say cheers to Ange and I’m off. 2hrs later Ange calls you said you would call me when you got there you should be home already, where you? I’m close now Ange I can see the centre. Huh she says where you?

So the problem is; yip my memory not sure if this one fits into the short or long term one. Last month Ange and I stop at a new centre on the way back from wherever. There’s a Diskem here we can stop and get your prescription. This is where I am going to but as usual I get everything wrong this is not the usual this centre I about ten km away and I’m not too sure of the route but eventually I get there.

Babes she says in a worried tone that’s not where you said you going to I’m on my way to get you. The lights come on and for the first time I realise I have totally forgotten about Fourways mall. I do know after five odd years I am becoming better with my new me and living with a TBI. I am but every now and then I get it wrong-very wrong. Perhaps next month I will remember that I must stick to one route the route I know. I am continuously telling Ange that I need to become more independent not have to rely on her so much. Every now and then I do understand the worries Ange goes through each day to keep me safe. A perfect example is what happened today.

I will not give up on me and progress is good but in a sad way I know that I need to try harder. I need to remember my brain injury is harder on Ange than what it is on me. I have to understand or remember that I have a brain injury I am a new man and I am still finding my way. I do know that I would have made it home okay it would have taken 4hrs that’s not the issue. The issue is that Ange is at home trying to work now she must work and worry where I am for another 2hrs.

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