Happy Birthday Mark

We Uber to the party of course there is no way Ange is only enjoying one drink whilst I drink all the Guiness and Tequila the bar has to offer. As we walk up the stairs I see Mark in his usual bright manner but today there is a naughty Mark spark. Why not it’s his party and he can be in top form, well truth be told he is always in top form he has a character which shines bright, he is a giving man a gentle giant.

Everybody knows that when they step into the ‘Zone’ they have to put on their party hats, it’s time for a jol. Mark greets us at the entrance as usual a smile from ear to ear. He has already got his party hat on- literally with two bright yellow 60 symbols swaying from side to side.

Ange and I sit down with Mark, his daughter Kelly, his two boys and Mel and a few of his friends. I don’t sit for too long, I can’t really and besides there is so much going on how can I keep in one place that just not right. When Ange and I go out and know we will be amongst a crowd, amongst people we don’t really know too well I carry a book with me. When I get to a table before I start talking away I quickly show my book and there goes my explaining why I am talking so much also I don’t have to get into the details of my past five years at each table to the new people I will be meeting.

Now I can enjoy the evening by walking from table to table bothering everyone whilst Ange sits with a friend chatting away. Today Ange is sitting with Kelly Ange and her work together so as I wonder around I see Ange laughing so I am happy that Ange is happy and all is good.

During the evening I see Mel walking from table to table laughing and laughing she is having a great time I know this as her smile says it all. I must say Mark always wears a smile but I think Mel wears a bigger one. I often visit her during the day and she smiles continuously I think I just go there to get some positivity from her. Tonight is so amazing because I think Mel really spoiled Mark she has gone out of her way to let everyone here celebrate Marks birthday in good spirits and with style. Mel arranged a lady that will sing and entertain. Later in the evening there will be some karaoke and of course I will yell into the microphone but will quickly be pulled away.

Whilst we all party Jodie’s daughter teaches us all how to dance in today’s style which proves to be super testing but what a jol. I don’t think I have danced like this ever. I thought this was a sixties party where we all sit around and have a few doppies. Well not tonight its Mark’s party remember, Marks party but organised by Mel and without her touch it would never have been this great. The night goes by in a flash and the curfew is knocking at the door, time to head home-Uber time.

Our luck the closest Uber is fifteen minutes away and he has just cancelled. Everyone has now gone and the pub is a bit far from home and it is quite lonely and dark as Ange and I sit with a Tequila oops look on our face. A shout from a vehicle its Kelly get in she says. She is taking Mel and Mark home and we live in the same complex so this is great. Taxi style we all squeeze in, I don’t know how we did it but we did.

Thank you Mel for such a great evening, what a jol!


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