Benjamin Button

Last night I asked Ange to find us a good movie on Netflix. As usual I don’t pay much attention to what she has discovered, what will now keep us company for the next hour or so until Ange is tired and the bed starts to call. I love lying next to her on the couch watching whatever it is that will keep us interested. Let me rephrase that whatever it is that will keep me quiet and her interested.

Ange and I can finish an entire series in one weekend. Netflix is awesome one down and so the search for the next begins. I have been banned from choosing a series, my choices are constantly Sci-fi Ange has not much time for my choice of a series. Having said that every now and then I do come up with a good one. I have time to flip through every channel usually in the still of the night I will be flipping whilst Ange sleeps. Eventually after a lengthy search I find one which Ange would enjoy.

I enjoy listening to whatever it is we are watching I can’t really watch TV too long for some reason it bores the crap out of me. I lay next to her on my cell playing game after game, Sudoku or golf are my two I prefer. I do listen I listen to every word I enjoy it this way almost as if my mind is telling a better story. Every now and then I look up and catch up on the new characters, give Ange a kiss and back to my games.

Tonight would be different, I did not know what was about to hit me. Ange did not know what was about to hit her! After my accident for some reason I have become extremely emotional, I can watch an advert and start crying.

Let me give a brief overview of Benjamin. He is born an old man in a baby’s body, his mom dies giving birth to him and when his dad sees his tiny baby boy all wrinkled he freaks out. In the middle of the night runs with him and leaves him on the steps of an old age home. One of the staff finds him and becomes his mom. The movie fast forwards to where he is about nine yrs. Old Living amongst the aged he is in a wheel chair and so as he ages he becomes younger. Eventually he starts to walk this is where Brad Pitt becomes the old man growing young. The story is narrated by his daughter who only remembers meeting her dad once. Benjamin leaves his wife and daughter because he is growing young and understands that soon he will die not as an old man but as a new born baby.

I start to watch when Brad Pitt steps in this is about an hour into the three hour movie. I can’t take my eyes off-watching every second. As I watch I start to become emotional I can feel that soon Ange will be turning to me and make her usual crying sounds when she hears me start.

Before the end I start sniffing I am trying to keep my tears in but I feel I am fighting a losing battle. Moments later all hell breaks loose I start to cry but this is not my usual cry and then laugh with Ange because I am crying I cry loud and louder. Eventually Ange is sitting next to me holding and comforting me. I just could not stop I think I cried for a good part of half an hour.

What an emotional roller coaster wow I don’t think I have ever cried like this before-ever. So this morning before Ange is up I turn on the TV and I start watching again. I want to watch the first hour or so to see the small bits I missed. I promised myself that I will stop after an hour but that will not happen. I paused it to write this post and now I can’t wait to finish the rest. I hope Ange is not too busy with meetings they will all ask; what’s that crying do you have a baby there?


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