Achilles International

The Greatest Marathon in the World-the New York Marathon. I have started on my follow up book to I’m possible based on the NYM. A large amount of this book will be about the largest Disabled running club world-wide, Achilles international.

Most avid runners are after five marathons these are the biggest: the NYM, Berlin, Boston, Chicago and the London. I once met an avid runner he saw me wearing my medal I received after completing the NYM. Wow he said, you completed the NYM. What was your time and how did you manage to get in? Well my time was not important but I did finish before about five thousand other runners.

“Well done”

“Thank you”

I Spoke proudly my face must have been shining and my smile from ear to ear. I then told him of my brain injury, my TBI the accident and how I made it through my first 24hrs with help from the paramedics which would not give up on me as they continuously brought me back to life minute after minute. I managed to get hold of one of the doctors which came along for the awesome flight over the largest green canyon in the world. He probably thought this will be awesome a helicopter ride to JHB yee haa. Not so awesome he said as I was one of his hardest challengers keeping me alive was difficult but he could not let Ange down. He made a promise to her, he told Ange he will get me to the Milpark hospital-ALIVE! He did and so it would be because of him and many others which started me on the next part of my journey.

I was asked by Achilles to participate I said, yes he knows of Achilles. He has been trying to get into the NYM all his life but could not now he has given up he is getting too old his dream had faded.

We spoke for the entire trip to Hoedspruit, a six hour drive he wanted to know about every kilometre I ran. I think I mostly spoke about Achilles how it was because of them that I got in. The trip to an end and so we would go on our way. I know that after speaking to him I felt great I had completed one of the big five something he could not do. He he a disabled man that could do what this great runner could not.

I have done so much more after my accident the proudest and probably the best are the two NYM I have done. I entered it again I told myself I want three I have been accepted but a few days ago after speaking to Denis it has now been cancelled Covid of course. My goal now which Justin offered to me is the Karoo trail marathon. I need to train hard so that in October I can complete this grueling run.

Whatever happens I know that my future is mine to make. I can and I will I will because I want to.


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