All Good Things

All good things must and will come to an end… don’t worry this is not bad in fact it is great. How can a good thing that comes to an end be great you ask? Well you have worked hard the whole year and so as the difficult months and the long year draws to an end December is now around the corner. You get home and the whole family sits around the dinner table. You talk and talk of the amazing holiday you have planned is about to fill December.

December starts as the car is packed and the holidays have begun. Off you go, soon the great time had by all is at an end. Home safe and sound the chores must start the kids mow the now grown grass, clean the dust from the television and get ready to get back to school. At school the two children talk and talk to their friends about the great time they had.

A good time has come to an end. This year will not be as long as the last because dad has already booked. The whole family knows that when the whispers of December begins all will once again enjoy a great time. The moral of the story is that once a good thing comes to an end the memory of that awesome time they shared will once again be back.

The memory of a great time will get you through the bad times. A good time must come to an end so that any good memories can chase away the shitty ones.


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