Well Done Dad

Yesterday I call my dad, first thing I always ask is how are you doing? I’m not waiting for his usual I’m doing fine my boy I wait for the sound of his voice he won’t tell me if he is not too well anyway. The sound of his voice tells me exactly what I need to know strait away, the rest of our conversation is the usual, the weather etc. We speak to each other most days either I call him or if I haven’t called for a day or two he calls me. The last time he called me is asked if he still has a son. Okay so I skipped a couple of days.

My dad is not a great person to talk to on a cell, he hates a cell phone don’t try get him to venture past the hello goodbye use of a cell Watts up is way ahead of him. It did take a while for him to tell me that he is just fine and that I don’t have to call him every day. I think he eventually realised that I’m not going away and it will be better for both of us to enjoy a few minutes ‘chatting’ than to keep telling me that he is not a great one to chat every day.

I do not only call to check up on him I enjoy pushing the boundaries with him. I know him so well, I know him and I have complete different characters. Me being the joker and him being the bag of nails. He knows I call him my bag of nails and now when I do call him this he laughs. Yip I said it he actually laughs at how I describe the way I see him. The first time I called him a bag of nails I think he almost chased me away. Now through our keeping in touch I think I have softened him up somewhat Ange says we are closer to each other since my accident than what we have ever been I will take that over and over again.  I did have an accident but I somehow find a way to turn the negative of the accident into a positive. I can now joke a bit with my dad (in a good way of course) and he doesn’t have the tools to react. He doesn’t step on eggshells around me either so we are strait with each other.

Yesterday I call,

“Howzit dad”

“I’m fine thanks”

No you not what’s wrong I ask. He tells me that his feet and ankles have not yet gotten better since I last saw him. The swelling is still there and is hurting too much now he says. But dad we spoke about this last time I was here I say. After his many excuses that he cannot get hold of his doctor in Hoedspruit I called a few and gave him their numbers. You think he has called to arrange an appointment…no!

He then asks me to Google about the swelling and what pills can he get from the chemist. He doesn’t go to town ever but sends Wiseman to do his shopping and what he needs such as pills from the chemist. I Google this and get a huge fright; constant swelling of the feet and ankles can be related to heart, kidney and right liver problems! I then send him the screen shots call him and explain again how to retrieve the pics I sent so that he can see for himself that he has to get to a doctor.

This morning I call him and the first words he tells me is that he has made the appointment and will see the doc at eleven, Wiseman will take him in. What a relief I thought that today’s call will once again be about the weather and how snoopy has chased the elephants again. Well done dad you see I’m not just a pretty face, we laugh. It gives me great pleasure to hear my dad laugh I don’t think he and I really laughed too much I think it is simply how it is but he also knows that talking to me each day brings joy to him. Not that he will say this out loud that does not matter because I know I bring a smile to his face now and that works for me.



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