Everything Will Be Okay

Everything will be okay… think about it I mean really think about it, wow what a saying. I can remember at some stage in my life driving out from a parking lot, stopping at the boom to insert my ticked before I can exit. As I place my ticket into the slot I notice a small sticker above the mouth of the slot; EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY.

That entire day has gone, been taken to my abyss everything except seeing that small black sticker attached to the silver box. The memory of that split second of a moment returned when I read one of my good friends’ sayings he posted on FB. Anton regularly posts motivational sayings on FB I read all of them most I press the ‘like’ button. Once or twice I will comment I assume the reason for a comment is the emotional aspect, the deeper it reaches the more likely I am to write my piece below.

These are four words which can change a life in an instant, just like that it can wipe away confusion, depression, fear and many other difficult feelings. We all find ourselves in a tight spot every now and then sometimes the corner we have painted ourselves into seems difficult to escape from. The only way to now walk from the corner is to wait. Patients, time is the key take a small moment sit down and think about what is around you, where you are and what will be your next move. Your next move will determine how you got from the corner, what a mess you made as you walked away besides it was you that put you in the corner in the first place.

If you don’t take some time to think as you walk away the mess will get worse, fix it first and then start to move on. In this case the paint is still wet you did not stop to think, you were too hasty and so the paint did not dry. Now as you walk your steps follow you but as you look behind you see the mess you have made and so after each step it gets worse.

Many times it was not you that got you into a corner but another that put you there, whatever it is does not matter what matters is that you have to deal with whatever it is that got you there in the first place. Look back on your life and try remember the difficult times see who you are now and know that those four words were right on the money. If you are in that corner right now take a little time to think how you can make it better, not only for you but for another. Perhaps it is not you that is in a bad place it is someone else sometimes all it takes is for you to say to them.

Everything will be okay”

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