Why is There Still no Answer

Here is a quick overview of a few important steps before this mighty structure would stand high and proud in mystery for centuries before and after time. (Taken from various view points from structural engineers, architects. Professors and historians).

  1. A Two square kilometer area beneath the structure was removed and replaced with bedrock sections of granite. Each piece different and weighing well over the size of a vehicle. This to create a foundation so that an earthquake or a hundred will not crumble the structure down over time
  2. Besides the above material transport over 2 million granite blocks (cut within 1mm accuracy) weighing between 12 and 70 tons each over 500 kilometers away and lift them over 70m high placing each so close one cannot slide a credit card between either of the rocks.
  3. Build 3 chambers within the structure each one joined by a passage 1m wide and 1hundred meters long. (In total darkness and within 1cm in accuracy.) Remember each chamber is at a different height the angle along the passage way is precise to within millimeters.
  4. The over 2 million block are placed within a fiftieth of an inch horizontally and vertically from the base the top. The four sides and corners are equal within millimeters also one hundred percent level.
  5. The Pyramid is facing north to an accuracy of 5 hundredth of a degree. To give you an idea of quality control it is built more accurately than the White House-far more. In fact more accurately than most structures built today.
  6. There are actually eight sides to the Pyramid not four the center sides are within millimeters of each other. They protrude outwards by a few centimeters to place the over two million different sized blocks to get to this accuracy is beyond today’s technology.
  7. Time? The great Pyramid was supposedly built for one individual it was to take twenty years to be built. “Our pharaoh wants us to build a great Pyramid for his after life, okay let’s start so here is the math’s I have worked out; we have twenty years this means we all have to work 12 hours a day for 365 days a year. We have to cut the granite from the quarry 500km away move and place them within 1mm accuracy. Ummm that means we will have to position one block more or less every two and a half minutes. We can do this go team!”
  8. Cut the granite blocks within 1mm accuracy using the tools of those days. The hardest tools known in that time was copper, copper cannot be used as a blade to cut granite. Today we use diamond blades which spin/rotate using power (electricity). The Pyramids still stands today but tools harder than them are all gone. Not one tool left behind nowhere why?


My answer is that it wasn’t built by humans from this planet at all. Nobody can prove me wrong in anyway. Why also is each building block of different size but then if they are so different why they can be placed so accurately? Surly if you can cut the granite to within 1mm you can cut the blocks to the same size that’s just simple calculation it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Is it to throw us off a bit? Fact we cannot build this today.

I know I go one about life forms and that there are certain unexplained facts today that leads to more intelligent beings that walked here on earth long before we did. The reality is that we don’t have the answer, we don’t but somebody does…

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