A Good Time

At some point in the evening I blurted out; ‘I can play the guitar.’ Well done Bevan I think as the guitar finds its way around the braai why did I open my mouth. In truth I could play a long time ago. Ange and I were invited by Patrick to join a few of his mates for a bit of a jol. This tends to happen when a hot day comes to an end and everyone has had a few drinks.

Today was the River Glades Easter fete, I am sent down by Ange to the main pool area go and see if it looks good. I return with a smile on my face, no words are needed. Off we go we get down to the pool and walk through the crowd we then decide to settle at one of the boma’s. We have met one or two of the people sitting at a bench type table before (once) so this is where we will spend the day.

No alcohol is being served but everyone sitting here has a drink. We leave to drive to the local bottle store we will get a few ciders and a beer or two. We soon return and once again join the others who are mostly strangers (Ange always says I can fit in with strangers in a second). This is fine as it takes a few moments and we no longer sit a few seats away but amongst everyone. As we all talk and enjoy the day the clouds start to gather above us. We all know that soon the Highveld storm will unleash its load, it is time to head home. Before we leave Patrick invites us to join them at his place for dinner. Dinner means sitting around a fire talking away and cooking meat which at a braai in South Africa the actual cooking will only happen late into the night.

Ange and I get home we will not join as we don’t really know everyone and it could be awkward. As we walk inside our home we look at each other it is too quiet and we have had a few drinks. Ange and I need to socialize and so we start to head down to continue enjoying a good time.

The others that we met during the day sit around the fire every one brought their own chairs. I can’t let Ange sit somewhere on the floor so I will walk home and grab us two chairs. As I reach home I think well what chairs can I take we have no campers chairs left as I gave them away. No problem I will take two of our dining room chairs! I then think I can’t take good chairs to a braai but a light comes on and I do remember we have patio chairs. I am back at the braai chairs on my head, place them close to the fire sit with Ange and all is good.

The evening is going great the decision to join the group we do not know has disappeared. Guitar in my hand and it’s a proper fail I can’t remember one chord there is just nothing, fokkol! Patrick grabs it he can play proper and so the jamming starts. A few moments later we are laughing even more. Many moments later we have to leave as my name is falling all over.

We leave without eating to head the five minute walk home. Ange and I hold each other tight but cannot seem to keep in a straight line. We laugh aloud as we walk but now-a big but before us lies the first mountain of about five-speed bumps! We climb the first mountain and head towards the next eventually we are home. What a great evening, what good friends we have met this evening will stay with us a long time. Thanks Pat and all there for as great evening.




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