We are Dust in the Wind

A difficult question-what happens after the end? Is the end the beginning is it the beginning the start of the rest of your life, is it? When a body eventually rises up from the six feet under the soil, the bacteria has completed its task. It too which has eventually fades away and gets blown in the wind. The ashes once released from the genie jar are let go over a favourite place. As the ashes are released they shall be blown away. Eventually we are all dust in the wind, we are just dust in the wind.

I believe our body which lives this life comes to an end, it dies but we never die our soul too blows like dust in the wind. Our soul blows around and around until it finds a new body the body which shall live again. Our soul lives but we have no knowledge of the previous life. Every now and then a soul shall bring with it a future a future from a previous life a life perhaps from another planet similar to that of our earth but ahead in time with future technology.

An example of this is Pythagoras. He invented the helicopter many, many years before it took to the skies. Perhaps Pythagoras was the reason the helicopter was born, the reason the human race can move forward. He came from the future to give us the knowledge.

We are dust in the wind blowing, blowing through our skies, through our universe until it comes to rest in our new body to live once again. Is the end the beginning?

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