Thank You

It’s the small bits and pieces in life which eventually build up, little by little they become a gift for one’s self. When a small piece of that well-earned gift is freely given to another your gift becomes so much greater, not for the one in need but for you.

I have always said that if I can take one day back in my life which one would it be. The day of my accident? No not that day I know the day I would take back it was many years ago when my Cammy was in primary school she was playing in her first netball match. Keegan was also playing a cricket match I first watched him play, once the game had ended I would get to Cammy and support her. I had plenty time but I had gotten the time wrong. On my arrival as I walked into watch her I realized I had missed her match.

That day haunts me forever, I had let my Cammy down.

Why you think do I get off the topic well I am not. That was a small piece in my life which I had to get right but I had failed to, it’s the small bits I will now try to get right. During my time at rehab the day came that I could not attend anymore as it saddened me. As the days went by then the months I saw a few that also attended in my eyes they had not changed after many years. I saw me there after many years not changing and unable to become strong.

After missing many days I attended once more. Tina called me aside she donates her time there. Why Bevan why are you leaving, after telling her my story she then spoke to me.

‘Bevan please come back not for you but for the happiness you give to all the others’.

Tina then told me how she had seen the progress the others had made when I am there. Wow I thought to myself without my knowledge I have been giving small bits to others. I then realized why I always felt so good by being there. I had received a great gift that of giving.

Today I receive a call from my good friend Diane. Bevan she says call this lady she is going to help you. You wrote in one of your posts she said how you wanted to get Ange to a spar to treat her to help her get some attention, to help her heal the pain in her body. I wanted to but could not afford it and so her special day I had promised has not come. I do know Diane is also struggling to keep herself at work through Covid no matter to her she had made a plan for me.

Diane has taken the time to work on a way to help another in need. I call Ursula and her response was almost a bright light which struck deep down. She is going to help me she will make a wish of mine happen. Thank you so very much Di for giving so much when you yourself are fighting so hard to keep strong.

It’s the little bits that make up the big picture. No money in the world can bring that feeling to one’s self. Try it and see for yourself how the bright light hits deep into your heart.














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