What is Normal

Sleeping five hours a night is that normal? A Chinese professor/genius says no more than 5hrs allows your brain to grow, one becomes wiser one learns more and therefore understands more. Stephen Hawking lived by the way it is, by the way you are, were born or how you have become. He famously said; everything is perfect the way it is.

Normal/perfect…the same? I say it is what it is if it is not broken don’t fix it. What is “broken” what does that mean? We adapt and grow most of us get or need far more than 5hrs sleep a night some less. Whichever way that does not matter it is perfect the way it is.

Ange designed my book did all the art work, the cover, the pictures and she wrote a short description on the back page which talks about normal-my normal. A brain injury how Bevan is getting to know and understand his new “normal”. I believe I am perfect the way I am, I enjoy me and I enjoy life. Every morning is a good morning even if it did start at 2am and I sat in the lounge doing whatever as quietly as I could. Whatever it is I am not a machine I am not broken (even though my blog is called MYBROKENBRAIN) I am perfect the way I am

My favourite hate word is normal. He is normal and he is normal, she is normal those people sitting at that table are normal. He is not normal he has a brain injury, all I can say to you that points a finger fuck you very much.

I am on this subject because of the obvious-a brain injury. This month is brain injury awareness month I did not choose this month to be a month I will be closely linked to or be part of should I say but it is what it is.

Don’t break your brain this part of the machine is delicate it is important to protect and look after.  TBI-traumatic brain injury. ABI acquired brain injury. As the saying goes; one life live it. As my saying goes one brain don’t fuck it up!

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