Happy Birthday Keegan

17th March-ST Patricks day special for many in fact for an entire country. Today though it has a special place in my heart, today 23 years ago a special soul was brought to life. Happy, happy birthday Keegs. I guess in a strange way I had planned his birthday really good for him to be born on a day that I could not forget.

Ange and I lay next to each other last night Ange tells me it’s Keegans birthday tomorrow. What I say serious umm yes serious she says, no way I shout is it the 17th. No shit Bevan that is the day your son was born yes it is the 17th I say to myself.

I am so happy that Keegan is so strong and such a proud man he brings great joy to my heart. Each time we meet deep down my heart is jumping with joy. Most times we get together he is not alone he brings along a special lady. When she is not with him physically she is still there I can see in his eyes that she is always on his mind. Paisley is truly lucky to have this great man that walks beside her every woman deserves to have a solid anchor.  Perhaps I am wrong about her solid anchor and that she is his solid anchor. Whichever way it is that does not matter what matters is that they bring great joy to each other.

I can go on about all of Keegans achievements but that will take too long. All I will say now is that I am super proud of you Keegs. Keep on doing what you are doing when you fall or stumble I know that Paisley will be there to help you up. More than that of her helping you up is that I know you will be there to help Paisley up. I know that whatever you do you try to do it the best you can, well done my boy.

When I fell Keegan was and is always at my side. As a father it should be the other way but for me my son was the one that stretched out and gave me his hand, he did not ask me to hold on he told me to grab tight he said hold on dad I will help you up.

Thank you Keegs for so much you have done for me.

Happy, happy birthday

I love you.



Paisley it is your job to remind me to take pictures of all of us when we are all together again please. I know I have tried but I forget. Thank you for giving Keegs so much he is so very lucky to have you in his life.

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