The Need The Want

We all have wants and needs. Some greater than others, some so great it eventually is the end-death. Allow me to explain the reason there is always at least one item that keeps on knocking at your door. Simple really it is part of our human nature.

Robert Palmer sang the song-“addicted to love”. Addiction is a word none of us want to hear, I assume because it is generally related to a terrible thing. Is love so terrible?

“He is an addict” says the man to the other. The one that talks about the addicted man\woman is perhaps not aware that he too is an addict. WTF are you talking about Bevan, I am certainly not an addict, oh but you are if you aren’t well then you come from the planet ‘Zark’.

We all wake in the morning some get strait to the kitchen and turn on the kettle, they then walk to the bathroom to do their business. What have they just done well they are chasing the want the need-coffee.

Think about it what your one Achilles heel is it shopping, shoes, alcohol, and smoking, the need to shop or perhaps get to the mall to window shop. Is it cleaning is it tidying up is it sex or is it a zol!

I think I only have two, well I think so or let me say there are two items that drive me crazy if I do not get my daily intake. Coffee and food any food, any coffee. It could only be once a month the fact is that we are all addicted to at least one item.

I wake up generally before the sun rises, way before the sun rises my ‘normal’ is about two AM. Coffee I need coffee, The sun begins to rise I stand and walk to the kitchen this time I will not even turn the kettle on, it is still hot, I cannot drink boiling hot coffee in anyway. As I tell the newest intern at my bio.” Your first job is to make me coffee” oh and don’t burn the water I say. Once said Jiten and I laugh I’m not telling him what to do I am not his boss I have no right to. A few minutes later my coffee is in my hand as I sit in the exercise bicycle and start to sip away. Next week as I walk in here comes my coffee or I am too fast and my first stop is in the kitchen and I make my own.

My other need is food, if I am awake I need to eat. Any food will do as long as it goes down. I cannot eat too much in one sitting but I will eat all day if I am awake I eat. I have now for the umpteenth time decided I am starting to stop eating throughout the day. This is the first need I am going to stop the second will be coffee. I will keep my writing as my one need. I will be addicted to writing. So now I have to kill the other twelve books or so that I have started and finish one.


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