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Do we always get what we want?  Very seldom do we get what we want, be it a target, a goal an achievement of some sorts I talk about the business issues in life-the money. What about the other, love, friendship, happiness, smiles, joy, content, peace or the feeling in one’s heart that you were able to make someone else happy and not only you.

To me the above feelings or the emotional aspect is greater than that of monetary happiness. Money is a great part of allowing the rest to follow, to fall into place. I say this because I do not have the ability right now to allow money to help me. Soon now money will help me achieve many issues I face. How does money make someone love you? It cannot but if I can buy a gift for my Ange, a bunch of red roses, take her out for a special evening, take her away on holiday, and send her off to a spar-alone to unwind. These bits and pieces will most certainly help me. Ange can tell her friends or on her computer it will show from the 10th to 15th out of office. When she is back she can tell all wow my husband treated me, he took me away what a great time we had.

Slowly I believe the missing pieces will start to fall into place. I don’t have much connection to my family, I try to get up to my dad as often as I can he cannot drive to JHB to visit me I know this. For me to get to my dad is difficult and it cost money it takes so much planning. I don’t think I have seen another family member since my mom passed away in 2017.

I do have another family I see them every week. Bio Kinetics… what does that mean, in Justin’s practice it is mostly for those that have head or spinal injuries. The special people he employs are there to help us to walk better, overcome the hurdles we face each and every day. They are there to make our bodies stronger.

Not me, yes I am so much stronger and I would never have been this strong if I did not get my treatment each week (sponsored by his TNT trust). It is more than that they are family to me they look out for me they treat me well they do not tip toe. Okay they do work there and put up with my shit. I know this but why do I feel so comfortable when I walk through the door. I often get there extremely emotional and disappointed in me that I have once again been hard on Ange.

When I leave my heavy heart has been lightened, the hurt in me is somewhat gone. The rest of my day I can focus on repairing whatever it is I need to repair. I can because it is the people that are there for me give me what I do not get from my family. I do know that Jiten works so very hard on helping me understand the difficulties I face. My once a week at Bio is my special day it is a place where I feel loved and I am able to walk out happy and at ease.

Thank you to every one there that helps me understand me. Thank you to Steve that has to put up with my shit. Steve is also there to get his body stronger. He does not have a disability but each week at the same time I see him. I guess he could change his time to avoid my issues but he does not he too wears a smile even though he gets a lot of this and that from me.

Family does not have to be blood it can be a bond that can be shared between different people. Family is special, my Bio family is special to me it helps me not only to make my body stronger but more so it makes my broken brain stronger. A bio kinetics choice of a career specializing in Spinal and head injury is difficult. Perhaps everyone at Justin’s practice can get so much from me they too may feel good when I get there even if they only feel good when I leave at least they feel good. Maybe I should call this post the “red tie effect”.

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