Headway Golf Day

Two years ago I remember the day we received a call; Sorry guys due to covert our annual golf day has been cancelled. Jeeps I was upset. how can they cancel our golf day. Turns out it was the right decision. Yesterday after a year the great foursome would take to the course. After I had really pissed Anton off by being his self appointed coach Karen spoke to me leave him Bevan she says, I got it. Peace would once again be restored to our team.

What a great day we all had we laughed a lot, drank a few beers(Guy and me) snuck them onto the course in our golf cart we had a jol. Once the day came to an end we walked up to collect our prize. We came fourth a great step up from the prize we received last year-the longest day. Just saying the team of disabled golfers beat many others that came to support and donate funds for Headway.

Once the prize giving came to an end I asked if I could stand up to say thank you. What a disaster as I opened my mouth to thank everyone there the words became tears i could not talk too much but I did manage to get two words out-thank you. I think that was all I needed to say. However bad my small talk would be it does not matter it was the thank you that mattered.

Thank you Anton, Guy, Karen and Brian for putting up with my shit.

Thank you Headway for a great day.

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