Finish One Bevan, Just One

Today I will write, I open my books folder. Once opened I scroll down to the latest books I am trying to get finished. Let me rather say past a thousand words, past ten thousand words, past one hundred thousand words and so on. My first book-I’m Possible is I think about two hundred and fifty thousand words. Originally way over three hundred thousand words but after my dad’s friend Jerry gave it a read and an edit it was significantly shortened. The first copy I received back from him was just red pen ‘repeat, repeat, repeat.’ Yip the short term memory issue.

Back to my wow moment so I open my books folder and I scroll through the many starts. Some are a page some ten some a hundred. I can’t have this as I open the one after the other. I don’t remember writing any of these. A few I do but there are so many I must say I thought they were readable but I have to focus on the ones I seem to remember and as my dad always said to me focus on one thing you jump around and you never can complete one project. This was before my accident after the accident I need to complete what I have started.

I start deleting the books I have no interest in what so ever. Delete, delete and delete. Down to ten or so I will now continue. I then think to myself how I know that these I have started will be interesting for the reader. Ange has recently started reading again she finishes a book in less than three days. I then pick up a few of the books she has read, I will read a few pages and compare to mine. Not to let’s say ‘cheat’ but to understand how to write.

Each book is very different but I can identify that different authors have a different style. I too have my own style I also notice that my books aren’t that bad I will continue and focus on three or so. My speech therapist tells me that an author can take up to ten years to complete a book.  Now for me there is no rush I must do it properly perhaps in a couple of years I can release a book with a good story, a good read perhaps in a few years I can become an author people will know people will ask when is your next book coming. Well a dream which I know can become a reality.

Surly there is something to my writing seem as though I do have over thirty thousand hits on my blog posts. I know I can this time next year you may see a book climbing up the ladder towards a best seller book, a must read… Maybe, maybe not I will enjoy seeing a book on the shelves in a well-known book outlet.

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