Oh What a Night

Tonight Ange and I will eat out and spoil ourselves a bit which is a rare occasion for us. Usually Ange has the task of driving therefore she has to be responsible one doppie is her limit. Tonight though our evening will not be cut short because that she must drive. Our clubhouse is under new management and tonight the kitchen is open for the first time. Friday is the perfect time for us to taste the food also to sit and relax in the bar and tonight both of us will be enjoying a doppie or six.

A brief history regarding the clubhouse over the past year or so simple really it has failed the owners for some reason could not get it right. The clubhouse shop opened a couple of months ago, the bar has been opened for a while but due to covert it has been a task to stay open. The kitchen has been upgraded and the equipment is now ready to cook away all the goodies. I am a regular visitor to the shop each time I walk into the clubhouse (which is generally on a daily basis) one or two of the owners greet me with a great smile and a zing in their eyes.

Both Ange and I have been waiting with baited breath to sit in the restaurant and enjoy the food. Holding thumbs would be the first thought as the previous owners simply got it wrong. The new owners Nick and Nick (Nick squared) are really great. I have gotten to know their better halves as well, a great team. Our dinner took a while to get to the table as we decided to start in the pub area which was our own demise as the lively and happy crowd overcame our hunger.

Eventually we succumbed to hunger and soon after the waiter took our order we enjoyed awesome food. What a great evening Ange and I had-good food, great happy and organized waiters whilst Nick made sure everything was in order. What a pleasure to be able to share a great time with two good friends Mel and Mark.

After perhaps one to many shooters Ange and I stumbled home. I quickly realized that as we walked home Ange holding me tightly was not to help me with my usual stumble, stumble but to keep her upright.

Thanks Nick squared for all the hard work you guys have done in getting our local restaurant to top notch. Ange and I will most definitely be back.

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