The Lingering Stench

Ange wakes up this morning-not from my bounce, bounce but from the unwanted stench in the air. Witbank is 100 kilometers or so from Johannesburg. Most of our power is generated from the area this is where the large quantities of coal lays below ground. The burning of the coal to power the generators to create electricity leaves a stench in the air.

Every so often the wind blows in our direction the sulphur is carried along-the cause of a rotten smell. What’s that awful smell Ange yells looking at me kind of suggesting that I have opened my lunch box it’s not me babes, so then WTF is that?

After FB is opened she finds the answer. Many people are complaining and so further into her investigation it is revealed to her. The weather forecast shows a sketch of how the wind is bringing the wonderful smell along with it.

I find ways to allow my TBI to bring as much good as it can to me. It is better to find the positive than the negative. Along with many broken sections of my body is the damaged brain the loss of taste and smell has also been in introduced. Not being able to smell the first rains has certainly been the greatest let down for me. Today on this amazing summer morning I am smiling and I can go along with my day without the scent of that sulphur in the air.

I can’t smell that so today I am happy to have my smell taken from me. Keep smiling Ange it’s not that bad. Ange turns to me and pulls a tongue and a funny face.

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