At Work

Please turn it down babes, don’t walk behind me naked babes I’m in a meeting! Stop singing babes I’m in a meeting. Can I have more tea please, I’m hungry babes. We got no more milk I’m just going to the shop. 5 minutes later I am back tea in five, feed Ange make sure she is sorted. My quick walk to fetch more milk is convenient as our new shop is amazing.

I don’t work I cannot work but as my good friend Graham says; you do work your job is to keep Ange comfortable so that she can work. I always say as perhaps a way for me to get over the fact that I cannot work. “Who wants to work in anyway”. This would be great if you are sorted with enough bucks for the rest of your life.

Soon now soon I will be sorted my case has been postponed but I am sure we are very close now. With two of the best lawyer firms in the country comes a hefty price. This is fine because I know the outcome will be a good one and also there will not be a ten year wait. Until then and as Ange continuously tells me don’t count you chickens. I know but I am positive I know there will be a great outcome. Until then happens Ange bears the weight on her shoulders she is the one that has to get up each day she brings in the moola, she is the one that I need to keep comfortable.

I fiddle around, bounce around more like but today I decided to make pickled eggs. I walked to Mel gave her an hour or so of grief, also her friend was there working and so she became my next victim of the chatter, chatter. I think her name is Annelies well something to that. I try keep myself busy also when I remember I dress appropriately when I walk behind Ange whilst she is in a meeting.

Life goes on until I know what happens in my near future I will keep Ange happy at work also after knowing of my future I still will not be working but I will work not on Ange nerves but on keeping her happy and as comfortable as I can whilst she works.

Thank you Ange for all you do and for your hard work. I will try my best to keep you comfy.

Love you.


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