Good to Meet You

Two items are missing in our kitchen “raw” milk and farm eggs. The first necessity needed after a good night’s sleep is a sip of great coffee. Yes that will do and that and that and whatever you have paid for that filter coffee will do but nothing will work unless you have “raw” milk to add.

So you all say as I did what the fuck is raw milk! Well raw milk is milk directly from the cow, no preservatives no nothing this is the real full cream milk unpasteurised stuff-real milk. Remember before all the chain stores appeared milk was delivered. In the morning before a glass was poured a thick layer of cream had to be downed before you got to the milk, well that is what I want.

There is one person that can arrange this for me-Mel. She lives in our complex we know her and Mark for many years. When I was released from hospital Mel bought Ange and I precooked dinners to help out. She is an amazing person with the greatest buzz around her, I love her spirit and vibe.

I want to do this for myself, Ange can order the milk and farm eggs from her but today I will walk to her spot order and pay I will because I can. I get to Mel’s spot meet her at the bottom of her stairs and help carry groceries in for her. Suddenly I see we are not alone there is someone else sitting in her lounge working on a computer. Huh I think what, who, why this is really strange and so different I say this because I am there often and I don’t know who this is. Not that I should but for me it was very different.

So now here is the problem this lady (name unknown-sorry) who greets me with a great smile and shining personality is sitting in a place where I feel right at home and Mel has disappeared upstairs to her office. So as I usual I sit down interrupting her as she works and start to talk and as all knows I can talk. Eventually she calls Mel and asks her who this is. I tell Mel to explain who am I and what has happened. I think this way I will be forgiven a bit for interrupting her day and for the excessive talking I have been doing. She does as she explains to her friend I see her eyes light up as if she doesn’t need to know that I have a brain injury and all that she just wants to know who I am.

We talk and talk and talk we talk of this and that we talk of things that in my mind not many people understand or want to talk about. Nothing major but we talk as if we have known each other for a long time it kind of feels that we do know each other. Strange that two people can meet up and be really comfortable around each other. Lately I tend to not greet too many people as they don’t really want to chat I think people are changing backing away from conversations. No idea why I guess it is the way it is now.

Today I made a decision I decided to do something on my own without asking Ange to please help me. So I did I walked up to Mel and ordered my milk. I know you may think that’s not a difficult thing to do I know it isn’t but to be honest for me it is. Well by doing this I met someone new someone I can talk to someone that can talk to me. Now that’s how you do online shopping you walk to the person that sits in her office waiting for the ping of a new order and place the order directly and if you lucky meet someone new.

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