As We Age

“Tomorrow is your birthday my love you should be excited.”

“I know but it’s my 50th I’m getting old”.

“Mom it’s my birthday tomorrow I’m so excited”!

“I know it is remember to be good so you get some nice presents”.

What a conundrum reaching fifty no more excitement for a birthday when you are nine you cannot wait for that day on the calendar that tells you were in fact born. A saying which remains with me shows the face of an aged Red Indian of America. I guess he is a chief as he wears a great headband full of feathers and therefore a wise man.

He says; “it is a privilege to grow old a privilege denied by many”.

The young nine year old does not know about the big wide world just yet but will as he ages. Once we become an adult we will start learning about good and bad about the many dangers which jump out unexpectedly. I guess how to stay alive is one of the most important decisions we will make entirely on our own.

As we age the excitement of that day we were born fades father time takes it without asking he just takes. A different excitement now takes over-the birth of your first grandchild. You have now been given the privilege to be old to be able to see you child grow old. You don’t see it or perhaps know it on that day but as you aged you learned about good and bad about the bad people out there and as you grew old you taught your kids, showed them a way forward a good way the right way. Now your kids will teach their kids as you did yours.

For some of us there are no kids or there is a kid that did not head to your warnings. This is fine it is not you that taught them wrong it is who they are it is there life. It is their life to live you taught them the best you could, you have your own ways so to do they. As you age remember that it is a privilege to grow old it is a great gift to reach another birthday. When another birthday arrives and as it gets closer the excitement isn’t there but there are other great exciting pieces which will overtake that of a birthday.

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