Super Proud

I have crashed it has been a long week for me my head digs deep into the pillow I now sleep. My head buzzes, the deep couple of minutes of sleep is broken. This does not happen too often in fact it is a rare moment that a ringing cell phone will wake me. Not because I sleep deep because I rarely sleep. I lean over quite upset pick up the cell and see on the screen “Keegs”. The frustration of a broken sleep is instantly taken away.

My son recently started with a week probation for his first job. Week over and he has been given the opportunity it will take three months before he will know about the permanent position. He now calls one week after his test period has begun. Dad he says with confidence and also a kid that has just discovered that being nice to your mom will be rewarded with all the cookies one can eat. I got the job I am now permanent! What Keegs I shout with pride what happened to the three months “trial period”? I didn’t have to ask I know the answer as I know both of my kiddies they rock!

A couple of days ago Cammy took me out for a lunch she then tells me that her waitressing job she started has become part of her past. What, why? Well dad she says I am now a floor manager in another restaurant. Well as we sit smiling I think you weren’t a waitress for a few months and you are now a floor manager.

I do know that I was a hand full for my ex and I do know that I had too many crazy moments but I do know one thing. I must have been an influence in my children being so successful. Wow now I won’t sleep for a week but that’s fine another week no sleep. When I do sleep I will sleep well knowing that my kiddies are in a good stride for life’s next challenges.

Well done you two I am a proud dad.

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